Thursday, December 4, 2008

Commencement into Professionalism.

Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem.

I start this journey with my feet to the ground, ears to the streets, eyes on the prize, and head held up high. I move forward, after I get a chance to reflect on some of my experiences that leave me moved and in contemplation. This is somewhat like therapy, I write to get things off of my chest, cleanse my soul, and lighten up my psyche. Plus this can be a platform for information sharing, where observations from the world around us can be put into perspective, discussed objectively, and given a medium to birth new knowledge and gain clarity for our minds to be stimulated, hearts to be fulfilled, and souls to be nurtured.

This can be a healthy outlet, aside from music making, and poetry. Enjoy being on the browsing end of the web-log, for this can be a long term relationship between the reader and the writer, where we write through the tough times, coast through the mundane, and reflect on the good days. So here is a toast for a healthy bond of a companionship, where I hold up my end in not being biased or place for personal attacks, and you become a regular visitor and a loyal reader to my home cooked material.

This is the era of the Self-Made Thousandaire. Bless up~!

PEACE and Hair Grease, Finance never lease.~!

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