Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I want to be the reason you smile
after you wiped your tears

The reason
you had the courage
to confront your fears

The reason
there shall be two karats
in each of your ears

I give&share my essence, ma
I don't care

~{ 9 (( % \\ [ ^\ 8 /^ ] // * )) 6 }~

-Divine Geometry + Arithmetics, anyone?!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

France 'w Friends...>'+'<.

The quote goes, in the context of the great warrior fighters of our time.

Like the wind, move with silence. Be as light as the breeze, and adapt in movement, to the rhythm of the earth and it's terrain.

Train for all circumstances. Use your body as a temple. Practice prayer, movement, spiritual dance, emotional releases, and feed as well as receive openly.

When all is composed, let the old decay after releasing a moment's attack. Like transient hits let it all decay. Once digested like a unit and processed like meat in a factory, lay out the waste as it can house as a capsule for posteric growth. Or growth for posterior in that matter.

Delay what needs done. Let is sit and ferment, for when you feed it to the hungry crowd, they will attach and paste the writing on their walls.

A thunder's sonic frequencies of light, decaying amongst matter, and releasing a transient hit, captured through copper wire to magnets of vibrations (vibrations in matter, to vibrations in electrical signals), will translate through magnetic force into replays of image mixed with white light combined with the sound of white noise, all to tune out and attenuate bad sound.

The smoking earth give birth to the chirping birds moving herds of goat's goaties giving old folks oldies verbal botanical "fambatical" mathematical, induction to introduce a move to seduce, the crew's who's, daughter mother or sister, to say Boos Boos, my Boos Boos, ya ibn La7ooooooos 7oooooos il-posterior malty.


[Key's to the VIP anybody (.__*__.)./^\.#6843.12\\has @ noon

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lesson Learned

No more planting seeds of intent through Verbal and Grammatical de-composure.

The truth is: I have manipulated self into belief through the art of slowly feeding the ego, that as an individual I am greater or bigger than the reality of what I am.

Confession: My hobby is my escape, and I converted loving it -into- exposing it to the public eye, only to receive much admiration and respect for the quality of work.

Conversion: Here is where it all got tricky. Instead of becoming more inspired and grounded, I seemed to have levitated to a different plateau thinking I am something that I am not.

Acceptance: I am just a kid, with a craft which is an ageless art form longing to be spoon fed into true fruition and discovery.

Reality-check: I need this to survive, more than I want this to thrive. It is a stream of nurturing that I cannot turn into a house for recognition. I recognize that through silence of construct, I break all ties to conduct, I become a simpler viewer of self-reflection.

Message: Self-reflection is stronger, more powerful, and more weighty than self-indulgence and recognition of false-power through dialogue with ego. That in reality is a form of __________.