Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daddy's All Star...`+>.

"'First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then you WIN'

- Ghandi"


Pick your reaction to hate.

PS. I need money (through a good paying employed job position in sales_12.25/hour x 4 times a week).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Poetic IN-Justice~`!

I hope and pray
When I pass away
I won't be led astray
And as I decay
And return to Clay

That ultimately
I will be blessed in Judgement day
And I look up to the scale
A heavy-weight that lay
Good deeds proceed in threads like Tweed
knowing I gave away
my love for cars, women
life in speed
as well as chronic tokes of weed

And ask my arch Angels PLEASE
send me to hell temporarily to cleanse my seeds
of intention, giving my children a safe haven and a pension
for all the tension (I experienced) giving nourishing retention

And as the thin line
I cross give me suspension
at lightening fast detention
bless me lord with light

AND KINDLY let me burn off excess karma
from the flesh to my palm I
confess that I've hurt/tortured/& confused
generous spirits
Just to get my way
to remain on top of the food chain

BUT my final request
is give me a tree
to dwell in its shade, eat off the spades, and bleed off its blades

BUT whatever happens
I desire deeply with a burning fire
to simply retire
in a Heaven of my own
a chair with my throne
where of wounds I'm not prone
and poetics condone me a loan to entertain my bones

And I choose then only to allow visitations to my newfound home
those that gave me a house and a spouse
that is (BO.HA.AS.SS.HAt.YrS) and that is all
that I ask
Oh Creator/Greatful/Charitable/Strong/Merciful/Vengeful
Completor of my innate.

[Don't send me back incarnated into another Lyfe-T.I.M.E.]

Sincerely yours, Eternally greatful.

Habeeby Allah.
Mr. 7usam aka HaSaNoon.

<~!={#@May.I.Re-birth, 31xtimes-over.....\"%[Haithrams`1.


O.F.F.E.N.D.U.M.: "Lyrics:

Look Up In The Sky - Its A Bird - Its A Plane

Its An Arab Superhero & He Came to Bring Change

Unite The Divided & Free 'Em From The Chains

Of The Tyrants Who Reign in Vain & Pain


Look Up In The Sky - Its A Bird - Its A Plane

Its An Arab Superhero - Yeah I know It Sounds Strange

But The Only Thing Keeping Us From Going Insane...

Is Knowing He'll Be Back Again (InshAllah)"


I am loving this man, his flow, the message, his lyrics, and critical thought in poetic structure.
I overheard one of his songs in collaboration with one that I am an avid fan of (the Narcicyst)...
and to be honest, FINALLY some Arabs are creative/productive/educated/relevant and hip enough to
spread a message that Youth can enjoy!

I am definately one to add this CD to my collection.
I had ordered it and am waiting for the delivery to my door: Omar Offendum (did he offend them with the truth, baba?!)
The album is the first debut [aside from mixtapes]: label Cosher Ink, LLC.


This album is an arab's voice and a gift to Hip-Hop as a culture to show how diverse it can be and how encompassing
of various populations and demographics of all struggles and walks of life the art form has grown to become.

Music is not Haram. Message is of truth. Use of vocals in melody can help an argument stick to the brain.
Then we as young Kids can have constructive discussions as to... yadi yadi yada

Shhhhhhhhh... be Quiet... T.I.M.E. to listen.

Salamun-3alaikum ---> 3iiiish 3umrak ya 7abib Galbi.
Mr. 7usam aka HaSaNoon productions, Ltd.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silly Dreams=->*871-22-8141

I heard 'em say:

Karma waits for no man

Resume as an Abstract copy.

Husam Shubber


I shall obtain a full-time position as a sales representative for an electronics company


Competent and quick learner
Listen well to instruction and adapt to different environments
Team spirited and good sportsmanship
Punctual and respectful with professional conduct
Trustworthy and positive attitude and play various roles as suited


Erin Mills Mazda
Sales Representative
August 2010 - December 2010

OMVIC Certified
Adhered to Sales process thoroughly
Met sales goals and remained motivated under pressure

Milton District Hospital
Emergency Department Volunteer
June 2010 - Present

Responsible for stocking linens and IV trays
Delivered samples to laboratory
Transport patients to diagnostic imaging
Remained friendly and light-hearted to patients who experience frustration


York University
Health Studies major
September 2004 - July 2009

Bachelor of Health Studies specializing in Health Care Management

Courses include: Health Economics, Social Determinants of Health
Administrative Studies, Research Methods in Health care
Program Evaluation, Integrated Systems in Health
eHealth, Health Informatics, Public Policy
Health Care Law, Health Care Ethics
Maintained a GPA of C+; Accomplished 90 Credits.

Centennial College
Recording Arts Continuing Education
January 2011 - Present

Certificate of Achievement specializing in Recording techniques, Pre-
production, Mixing, Mastering, Studio Set-up and Post-production

Courses include: Studio Basics, Digital Audio, MIDI interface production,
Mixing techniques, ProTools software, Arranging and Music
Theory, The Business of Music, and Sound Production for
Maintaining a GPA of B+


Music production, Playing Keyboard, Making songs using FL Studio 9.0
Electronics set-up, Musical Theatre, Visual Arts, Lyricism, Philosophy
Leadership, Guided Meditation, Documentaries


Fluent in spoken and written English
Fluent in spoken Arabic


Available upon Request


May 29th, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Birth.

Got a new nephew now.
Would like to call him Hassan.

New rules.
Drugs is out of the picture.
When the ringy cell we can reach for Sky and order a pizza while listening to music then have a ciggy after. Make sure there is tooth paste to use as freshener.

Oh, obviously there is rubber and lube for the safety of the vehicle in mileage, son!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Peace on Earth.


The Fear [for one's own safety and wellbeing]
is stronger than (and in times of danger, more relevant than)
The Love [of an other individual].

You are born alone. You accumulate experiences, and people come and go.
You die alone, though.

In a womb. in the earth, back to the beginning (but with accumulated WEALTH).

Your wealth is the song you touched ppl's hearts with. The walk that inspired the weak. The conversation that incited a spark. And the generosity that meant the world to another.

Keep accumulating wealth. BE heavy. That's the only ticket to a secure eternal life.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

False Web of Power.

HusHusa Al-Kabeer:

You can't psyche someone who has:
A best friend as a psyche nurse; a friend who is mental health professional; an acquaintance as a spiritual clearer; a mentor as a life coarch; an uncle who is a psychiatrist; and citicially analyst individuals as loved ones...


Oh, and a God-mother who is a registered practical shamanic psychotherapy professional...

]= 22 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.=.


Masturbate on that next time u think ill of me... u lil snitch-ass bitch...

And don't ever surround urself with my friends thinking their ur friends... u dirty ass whore...

HusHusa Al-Kabeer There!
21 minutes ago · LikeUnlike


This is the 'false' "power" of social media networking, Children!!!
Learn from my mistakes.

Don't be lured 'in' by a pretty girl
Who is: -Needy.
-Has one-sided conversations.
-Expects the love, never to give back.

PaRaNoiA & FeAr~ is all. <~((*))~> clearly see. in all HER messages.

Take care`1.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

-=Clarity ~1`.

I do not want to get married, ever!

The reality is: I believe nobody will love me enough. Everybody has issues.
I think I am the only one able to deal with my own issues in REEL-
time, and still 'behave' like a normal person.

Well, since that is clear.

Dear Lord:

I envision an empire that I can work through, and run on a daily basis, until retirement. I want 3 kids (possibly adopted). A wife is not necessary.
I am surrounded by women anyways, and I know the difference between juvenile-pretender and grown-&-evolving.

So if you find her, Lord. Send her to me. For I provide the oath that I will consistently attune to her needs and help her build up to a (emotional/spiritual/physical/intellectual) success. The rest is her own desire and her own drive.

Having said that Lord, if she is not out there, avoid sending me visitors who walk in and out. I AM LOOKING for permanence in my life, not exploration and entertainment.

I know how to cook, do dishes, do laundry, cut grass, paint a house, move furniture, put up pictures, decorate a room, buy groceries, pay bills, manage money, plan trips, execute while improvising, en-vision a future, and day by day -work to have it manifest. Will you bless me, Lord by providing me a companion?!

Or will you confine me to solitary imprisonment (in the mind) where my only escape is prayer, until the end of time?!

If i die today, Lord, I am thoroughly happy how my first 26 years incarnated turned out. But!!! Sorry to intrude on your Majestic-Highness... I desire more!!!

That is: A house & home with a wife and security.
A company to work through
My own side company to entertain my needs (I mean registered business)

So now that I am clear on where I stand, Oh Lord! Pick and choose?!
-Either it is a wife with a regular life where we break the monotany by travelling on a seasonal basis (and engage in wild love making in the process in the night time)

-Or make me a success in the financial realm, so I can see through that the business I envisioned will see the light of day, and I can give back through my success to individuals who matter/mattered/make a difference on a daily basis.

Thank you, for hearing me, Lord.

Mantra: -=[Regardless of the hardships] I [still remain in the eyes of the angels]



I gave 'her' an ultimatum.

Either she wants a Long-Term R.E.A.L. relationship (with all the ups & downs, pains and gains).

Maybe she is REAL enough to read and see the genuine love.
-She amazed me though
.she is a fighter
.she is a passionate lover [almost obsessively]
.she is spiritual
.she is somewhat of an enigma (can't really figure her out --> gotta keep digging)
.she is evolving (with her style [dressing], words [blogging])
.she is consistent with her rhythm (waking up at dawn to pray and get work done)

Dear Lord:
Help me figure out where the feet are heading. What is ordained? I know what is written. I thoroughly know who I am.
I love myself enough to heal my own wounds, without attaching to someone.
I can suck energy, reciprocate it, but maybe I did wrong. All I know is I always give it back.


Go find 'him friend. He is waiting for you. If he still doesn't see you for the individual (complete) that you are.
Then it is his loss.

I just have to place my peace that _ I cannot be substitute
_ I cannot be temporary
_ I have no strength to be crutch no more

I love me, too you know!! Sheesh.

Physician Description.

Back to regular sh*t!

That is -depression with brief moments of mania.

Solid lifeless affect (facial expression).

And work, work work, work work work!!!

-[Message to the people out there

Husam's tender heart has been fucked with far too many times.
Scabs, wounds, and blood
If I'm still alive that means I AM STRONG!!

My theory [yet to be debunked]

"Beauty comes from Scars!!"

I am too beautiful, to be TOUCHED, by ppl who think
THEY KNOW what God is about.

I am slave of God.
God instilled me and inscribed me to FAMILY.
My blood is for life.
So if u want to shed it and make me bleed


I mean straight up gangster 12 shots/ non-stop stabs in the same spot!

Don't pussy out in the middle u lil B**CH!

-PS. The kid has been wounded, medicated, enslaved, confined
SO many times.

He has flawless control of the image that ppl see...

Good morning May 3... I am FREE.

Maybe I was never meant to marry (I GUESS IT WAS PRE-ORDAINED... eh FRIEND!!!).

Though I been longing for it since age 12..!!


OOOPs!!! *blinks twice

-{Recess is over Children!! Back to SH*T on a regular basis}.


(8) Ima make a song out of them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kan-DiD Aura~1`.


Your NaKed SouL is on the INTERNET, now!!!

Fuck off, and dream about Corvettes...
How about that...

I'm a Producer/Sound Artist/Humanitarian/Healer...

and all I wanted was to: --> share my first REAL kiss with u

-I guess 'it' was all NOISE in my HEAD!!!

ummmmm... listen to this for healing...


Peace in. Ur manic-depressive rides... OUT!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Noon Time.

I am 26 years old.

hmmm... in [my] head I am 25 hundred & 34 hours; 47 minutes; and 22 seconds {long}.

Take that for 1, eh!!


- [Show me your soul, Oh beautiful woman] - i think i'm ready, now!

*(~~~~~%[|| - Can't be a lil kid no more... (but inner child will pop in&out..]

Only by proper occasion.