Monday, June 20, 2011

Tyrese's World: A Father's Day Poem by Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese's World: A Father's Day Poem by Tyrese Gibson:

"On this day, we as fathers are celebrated around the world...

I am more than just a man.. I am a father.
A boy is excited about the opportunity to be a dad.
A father is more focused on the 'Responsibility' of being a father.

As a father it is a responsibility to create the standards in our kids' lives, I am not just semen. I love you, and you love me and in our family we created 'we' in our children...

I am power, I am intelligence, I am education, I am integrity, I am God fearing spirituality, I am consistent...
As a father, sometimes I have to be away. I am constantly in the field hunting for my family's survival.
I am king therefore you are my queen. President Obama has created a new standard and removed every excuse a black man could ever have of NOT being a father...
I am more than I appear to be, I am more than just a man.

Fathers... Even though it seems like your effort is sometimes overlooked, God is watching and he knows your heart.

To all of the REAL FATHERS around the world..
Through good, bad or ugly relationships with the mother...
If you are NOT there for your kids, it is ONLY the kids that suffer in the end.
Take a stand and do any means necessary to be a part of your kids lives.

God knows your heart... God bless all FATHERS around the WORLD for Father's Day!

Posted by TYRESE at 6:40 PM"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Done Spellchecking.

Maybe I should write a Book, by the age 34.

Probably about real life experience. Meaningful and heart-felt.
That ought to touch some people and incite knowledgeable discussions.

I have been blessed with cognitive synthesis, quick witted-ness, sharp vocabulary, and bi-bilingualism, plus have an obsessive admiration of lyricism and need of descriptive writing.

After the book being published ( and me accumulating 94,234 in the bank ), I should have an independent publishing house, and do stories of walks of life and struggle with dis-ease and over coming adversities against all odds.

Maybe then children's books!
That will take me a busy and healthy route into secure and wealthy retirement.

Insha Allah, with the Will of 7usam.
Yella, man!

Cry me a Whole Community [SADLY True N.E.W.S.]

SO if you haven't Seen/Heard or Viewed yet!!!

Vancouver and Miami... clearly are SORE F***ing Losers.

Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.... that's the sound of a gassy discharge in YOUR FACE, son!


If you are un-aware, I am collectively discussing the NBA/NHL season 2011.
(in North America, that is what we watch... [apologies to Premier League and UEFA]...)

Flush it down the toilet. Workout. Practice.
And we'll see you NEXT SEASON, 2012 (the season where mother earth WILL NOT stop rotating by Dec 21 blah blah blah).

S** my D*** while I'm taking a Sh** M*f*.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, bwoy!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Quotation ~ Flective [-@-}.

An ordinary Hip-Hop artist, speaking on truth of time of the life, plus on the verge of Breaking-Big.

Ma-Sha Allah, 'it' all comes together, with Divine Order... in T.I.M.E.

"It's kind of like a spinoff of it. When I look back in retrospect, where I was at in my life at the time, it was a dark period in my life. Where I am now, it's the exact opposite of where I was then. So it'll have the same dark feel to it, but it'll speak on triumph, overcoming adversity, the things I went through in the past.
The content will be brighter, but it'll still have that dark feel."

Blessed by 2011, to see a Slaughterhouse worth of music, bringing a Wolf that is Yellow, styled with a G-mix, unified by a sense of Detox for our Systems [800W Amp 12" Speaker ways].



So this is what's going on.

Lot's of, BOND, Uni-son, and Creative/Collaborative/Productive ... WoRk.
2011 is Loo-king Go.od
so far.

Jay-Z & Kanye :-> Mass Media conquer-ing.
Beyonce & Lady Gaga :-> Raping ears popular-ways.
Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 :-> Straight lyrical murder-to weak artists.
50 & Floyd Mayweather :-> Business Entertainment Industry-raking in $ Millions.
LeBron & Kobe :-> Modern Day Leg-ends.

Mississauga Cohesive Unit :-> Making songs out of Bass-ments.

2011 all good, man!

Mr. 7asaNoon, been majnoon, now I moon, those who hate on Boon, slowly feeding flow with a spoon.


[This is HusHusa~BiG Gold%Black `1].


Sunday, June 12, 2011

End of Season.

So, you can't hate on LeBron and the Heat. The fact is, in one season they had a star team with a tri-logy hat-trick team a.k.a James/Bosh/Wade.
They made it to the top!!! Don't hate because they didn't meet "popular" expectation of certain victory. SON!!! It is a live game, and the ball dribbles, gets dunked, shot, and passed. There are slips and imperfections. But it is the flow and momentum of the team that makes it all seem so Flaw-less.

Bottom line is!! He is still young, and with the Heat, he has many years to come. He had a loss, after consecutive victories. Stop comparing him and putting him on a pedastol of previous champions (meaning Michael Jordan). He is his own man. His own player, doing his own thing.
This is like comparing 50 Cent to 2pac.
HOMIE, a wise person said and will say it again: "Do not dress me in borrowed robes! Let me walk my own shoes in my own light, not in the shadow of another."

Congratulations Miami Heat. YOU ARE the REAL champions.
NBA season '11, Done! Now it is time to rest, kick back, and take a vacation.
But for the real players out there: After the rest, comes more ____>> PRACTICE.

Do it to perfection. We love you LeBron! Wade you did your thing!
Oh, and you guys stole Bosh from our Toronto. Now clearly the Raptors have no future.
*Pffffuh... [Just playing].


I found a flawless way to keep in the know. Tweet the real people doing entertainment news and making movements in the world.

Research facebook by googling peoples name.

Check out what people listen to via: HipHop DX and Global Grind.

Instead of partaking in Social Media Bullshit (mind my language)... WRITE in a Notepad.

Record in spare time. Post on Soundcloud. Build up real momentum through people who live and run the Street. Volunteer, work, and partake in public events (not private stupid loser parties).

Don't ever BBM. No need for internet everywhere, thus iPhone can wait.

Ummm... text like a normal person, and use a simple telephone.

Remember your bus tickets, and look for maps and schedules.

Yeah, man! KISS ---> (K)eep (I)t (S)imple (S)tupid

And NIGGA ---> (N)ever (I)gnorant about (G)etting (G)oals (A)chieved

Oh and evade un-motivated, excessive-talking, dependant people, who work overtime in their gossip, and do less exercise plus suck energy, and are narcissistic by nurture, and don't stand up for the kid being bullied, who lack need for positive role-models, and love shopping on Mama's money, and driving Baba's car like its theirs.

Something along these lines.

Inspire. Be inspired, and write in the calender, set-personal goals and wants with a proper date, challenge your own self, destroy your own ego just to rebuild confidence, and be loyal to good people, plus adjust your image according to need without compromising your style.

Period. (Not PMS Mood disorder). Class is Done, for the season!

WELL-come, Summer-T.I.M.E.

God Bless the Grind and the Grinders (not for Marijuana, I mean individuals).

Day #7. Back @ Sq.1

Let's Do this!!!


Mr. 7usam. URG. Brabus Benz. Third Lenz. Missing Elements. Recording TIMEs.

In the Street 2 Beat Tha Heat.

Miami is HOT!!! (iHear).

[Sweet Dream, or a Beautiful Nightmare} Either way, its time/ to wake up and GRIND!!!

>>June 13__ July 27, 2011. <<@{{7.`1; RECA Engineer.


Look out 4:

Bad Meets Evil - Eminem & Royce Da 5'9.

Out June 14, 2011.

Summer is ONN, man!

Register me Trademark~1`*.

Inny Uhibbo, Allah-who?!


Milton Rocks Festival was a Success@#!!

People were happy, regulars got off their heels and kicked it to rhythm, drank ate and constructively talked. I worked volunteer. Food for VIP's, then security for Entrance. Thoroughly enjoyed the Walkie talkie.

Someone asked: How do 'you' do this Mr. Public Persona? To that I say: Lemme break it down for you REAL reel slow.

I am DII: Dissociative Identity (In)order.

I switch person accordingly to need. With that comes energy balance. I do it through Yoga, and random exercise to promote Muscle Confusion. Build up the upper body, and do cardiovascular through jogging, bicycle-ing, b-asket-ball, Socca, and the rest to rest. And drink lots of fluids.

The backdrop to this is PANIC!! => Due to excessive over-analysis.

I heal that with rhythm&message, coherently said/creatively written/artistically & respectfully spoken [with adequate timing] and then shared.


The solution to Panic Attacks. {My own syrum-o-theorum}

UN-Anxiety Attack.

Un:do the thought process that leads to axiety and target the trigger.

Attack:it through immediate pulses of strong (from the Belly) breaths.

Then release: watch it dissiminate after a brief-yet-momentarily (internal_eternal) wash-away effect and embrace the newfound Relief and let it Decay, organically naturally botanically.



Salam`1...>>.CHCH Rosary.Camera.Brewed.~Canadien.

[Get it?! Practice daily- inshallah u'll c "it" 2 too].

PS. Alyssa Ried is Mad Cool. Fefe Dobson is for Real. Mr. Toronto Emcee Maestro Fresh Wes did a guest appearance, and backstage gave me FIRM handshake. 2 songs to perform plus proper Rep to the whole GTA was nuff said!!

Brothers live forever.

Maestro said: Son, Stick to Your Vision!! Keep the Composition!! Eh, Blessed Man Mr. Tooq wearing Hussla???



Love the Vibes, Habeeb!


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Thank you Allah or Lord or God or Almighty or Jesus...

For the balance, stability, and divine order in timing of a masterplan in what you designed for homosapiens, aliens, animals, mammals, fish, herbivores, carnivores, insects, planets, stars, blackholes, and plantation... as a UnI-Verse.

Here is 'my' realization: with no darkness (in your soul the hole that is darker than a mole)

we will not have power to appreciate and understand light.

There for, why believe in your creator in the image of light/dark & black/white.
The reality is the imagery around in daily experiences (in the thoroughness it all encompasses) there is a multi-coloured SpeCtruM...


Appreciate, take the pain/cry then alleviate, receive love/hate to reciprocate, then once you re-LEARN to participate, you can celebrate an elevation in the mental state... and then collaborate creatively for new generations to birth ideas to cultivate & then re-iterate __KnoW-ledge.


Peace, blessings/love, & light.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

From-a Kilo to-a 100 Grams. [LESS is MORE].

True Value of Friend-ship.

Imagine this, you are with a person, on the opposite side of the table, having Starfucks coffee, and conversing. The thought then runs through your head. {We've been friends for a while ---> this person claims they care about me to the fullest, but is He/She a companion, friend, best friend, or acquaintance?! } Hmmmm...

Let's ponder that in this lesson-of-the-day.


There are two types of friends, simply put, believe it or not. One is a friend who will love you to death, say they will be there regardless, and show an image of them supporting you until death do you part.

The harsh reality is, that one come a moment of life & death, and choice of them saving their behind out-of-fear, rather than them taking the bullet out-of-love, this person will most likely choose self-defence out of concern of consequence based on them choosing you over their own behind. Understand: The fork in the path will always arise (delayed 10 years, or sooner 47 weeks) and the choice will show true colours. Be thankful when the time for them to part comes, and be grateful that you got to know an individual of their calibre and then let them go, regardless of your own fear by attachment and your own primal concern for personal vitality to come again (after it's been missing for so long).


The second type is one who is unclear. One day they love you, another time they tease and punish you for stupid petty things. They seem to interchange power by taking it and giving it to you when needed. Somehow by illusion, the past and 90% of people will advise you to avoid this type; claiming this person only loves themselves and are the type who are dirty/bad/criminal minded and classified as a group to avoid.

This friend, to a more self-composed person, actually is entertaining. For they never let you know what's the full picture in their mind is, and somehow speak of things harmful (to you), keep you on guard, and stress you out with their antics. Understand: This type of friend speaks truth with their movement and body language, because in the short-run they seem deceiving but in the long-run show consistency by behaviour. They take power only to give it back, and flex your defense mechanisms only to make you stronger. Value that "realistic" friend, over a "delusion" of a loving and caring person who will sell your stock for their own ticket to safety in an instant's decision.


Keep in mind, you should never be caught up with the concept of "best"-friend, once you're past your childhood dreamy days. The reality is, and always, opportunities in this cosmic universe are in-fact infinite (thus don't limit yourself by gluing to one person by calling them the BEST), and by the laws of the physical/metaphysical/divine-earthly/& universal: NOTHING is ABSOLUTE.

By claiming a friend is Best, you are projecting an unrealistic view that they are an archetype of what you look for in a person. You are chaining them down as though their existence is half-your support in this lifetime, when your own being is half, and the divine unknown (continuously to be discovered -through effort&release-) is the other half.

Teach yourself self-sufficiency, for a moment's advice remember that God's love is The Abundant/Infinite and Your Existence in this moment is the only Absolute. Fully-joy living one breath-at-a-time and remember to sample, hold, maneuver, reach, give-thanks, balance&seal, then release __ only to try again differently with endless possibilities @another location and T.I.M.E.

Many Blessings,

Mr. Husam Taher Ibrahim.


Shubber, H. (2009). Book of Integral Understanding (Vol. 2, 1st Ed., pp. 12-43). New York: FluidHouse Publishings.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 to 2003, and On-ward.

Dang G!!

It feels like the summer is a replica [music-wise] of 2003!!

Only Better?!

Check out the music scene.

Shady/Aftermath Seems to bring together the Illest artist on the USA signed Hip Hop Scene.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Key to Less Fearfull-ness {{IN-verted @=>-...`1.

Interesting excerpt from a book about life, death, facing your fears and breeding a newfound method to strengthen and empower self.


The idea is to face your mortality, and visualize different (possibly terrifying) scenarios of your death. Then fully engulfing oneself in the vision, soaking in its terror, immersing in the feeling, and then practicing self-talk and movement to tunnel through regardless of the temporary paralysis creating by such a (creeping & inevitable) thought.

So here is the quotation, as to how to covert a primal fear to a mastered feeling that will create joy (by goal setting & then achieving) out of short, momentary and mundane experiences (that might be boring, and frustrating for others).

-= =- =-

"As Seneca [the Younger of the Roman Empire in 62 A.D.] understood, to free yourself from fear you must work backwards. You start with the thought of your mortality. You accept and embrace this reality. You think ahead to the inevitable moment of your death and determine to face it as bravely as possible. The more you contemplate your mortality, the less you fear it -it becomes a fact you no longer have to repress.

By following this path, you know how to die well, and so you can now begin to teach yourself to live well. You will not cling to things unnecessarily. You will be strong and self-reliant, unafraid to be alone. You will have a certain light-ness that comes with knowing what matters -you can laugh at what others take so seriously.

The pleasures of the moment are heightened because you know their impermanence and you make the most of them. And when your time to die comes, as it will some day, you will not cringe and cry for more time, because you have lived well with no regrets."
=- =- =-.


Greene, R., Jackson, C. (2009). Confront Your Mortality- the Sublime, The 50th Law (pp. 277-278) [<@>] New York: HarperCollins Publishers.