Monday, November 21, 2011

My last post.

I think I have discovered who I am.

I am me. I've said it multiple times.
But truthfully, the eloquent speaker is in reality a

Symbolic Interactionist

Thus by definition...

I am ever evolving.

Oh, How prestine you are Hus.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Need I say More?!

Today, was another reminder, of how rich and abundant life can be when the spirit of self-acceptance is invited into a vicinity.

Know: When you feel angels have overfilled your plate, allow the somber hallway called "Yellow Brick Road" to invite the gentle warmth reminicent of childhood fullness.

Fullness in heart, in presence, in body, with a hint of warmth added into the mix.

God Bless, the child, with the flawless intuition.


7usam shubber,


Dear Saudi Arabia

I appeal from Milton, ON Canada.

Need I say, as I plea bargain.

"Can I be near thee in flesh, in exchange for comforting you and massaging your heart?"

And before I walk the hallway for a lunch break...
I want to say

Can I hear your Xylophone. In Husam's presence. With His light to shine

on my temple only to fill my spine, with warmth.

A simple thing to ask, eh!!! to Riyadh, KSA.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Anger Management Tour.

Do you know the difference?!

Hypocrite >&< Mushrik

A hypocrite will befriend you, just to lie by not being consistent with: His/Her word, Not delivering good when spirit asked you to deliver it, and when bonded by heart turned His/Her back against it.

(6%9;777) And do the blind and sight-filled ones levitate on the same plateau?! (9%6:3171)

A Mushrik on the other hand, will show sincereness in behaviour, good thought in action, and well intended spirit by presence, but still have a primal and carnal desire attached to something of material gain involved.


& before 'i' end this, I want to send love to my real brethrins in arms and motion, with devotion as kind/comforting/and loving as a potent syrum potion, given by love that is deep in intetion as the warm depths of the ocean.

7usam, #Hushusa Al-Kabeer, Husam Ait.

(6%9;312) And he who walks the earth in solitude with gratitude, is closer and more loved by the Supreme Creator, than a group aligned in motion towards an unparalled path of truth (6%9;111)

Sorry I hated on you, Fadi.

F* the Eihab

Hello, 3ali 3ula 3alaihy Jaddun Qader 3ala Jameel Kamel fi Ri7an al-Zahraa.

Peace & Love, infused by Light.


Shade(s) of Grey.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red.(Green <-@->Blue). Brown.

I am listening to a song called: Brother's in Paris - Kanyay-Z

My thought for the day:

Some individuals seems to confuse the act of trust with the art of submission. If you become completely submissive to your heirarchial authority, while missing the element of appreciation of their caliber (and the work involved in catapulting them to the plateau), then you are actually giving your natural born power away.

Being functional and co-existent with their prevalent authority does indeed make you a valued asset; you serve the machine. The sooner you let go of your need to feel a certain way towards your counterparts, then you become fully fluid in your pursuit of endeavours.

Appreciating and respecting your authority due to complete acceptance of their earned honour, while maintaining a sense of autonomy, is indeed reflective of Trust & Loyalty. If you submit to your archetype leaders (masculine & feminine) that is a bonus for you as an individual; you are a benefitting member of society. But would there be greater prestige if you as an individual, despite the internal conflict of power, come to terms with 'letting go' of the need to BE that part (archetype nurture/provider) and rather further question your heads in power, THEN as a form of appreciation, bestow a form of trust upon their seat of authority?!

Hence is that not: "Being in Honourable Trust", by definition.

You, as a completely autonomous individual (empowered by birth), then are that much more valuable, in person, to the tender eyes of chosen leaders. In fact you may be viewed as valuable as a brother in arms, and would rank that much higher whence enlisted to the path of conscious [IT]-discovery.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nosterium Cycles at Quarter Moon.

Bismy allahy ar-Rahmany ar-Raheem

Al-7amdu li Llah
Rab al-3alameen (6%1@9) Al-Rahman Al-Raheem (6%2@9)
Malik Youm al-Deen (6%3@9) iY-yak Na-3budo wa iY-yak Nas-Ta3een (6%4@9)
ih-Dina al-9ira6 al-Mustaqeem (6%5@9) 9ira6 al-Ladtheen an-3amt 3a-Layhim (6%6@9)
3'hayr al-Ma3'hdoob 3-Layhim wa La al-Dalleen (6%7@9) ; ____________ }^{ , :.


7ayat (eee) Shubber

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Attraction Hostel.

Husam has friends. Friends whom actually love him. Friends who show affection.
Friends who love activities and partake in sharing.
He feels appreciated, add also cared for.

He is used to being a care giver. Can he take care, now?!

Mama said: "You are going straight to hell"
Husam said: "Directly"
Mom said: "Yep... and I can testify to that infront of the Big Creator"

...[Speechless} === > "I am truely blessed to have her"

I am me. I am in love with the struggle. I am here.

-William J. taught me #Swag

-Sameer J. showed me #Quag

-Ammar K. wants me #brag {{ @ll1 brought me in KSA.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

About to End: Close me out.

The Mayan Calendar is near 'its' ending...

the date is: Oct. 28, 2011

So I need to share, that by comparison to the past.

I am in financial ruins.

But by counting the blessings given, and sharing nothing but thoughts of love

in the face of danger.

I feel more alive than ever.

And there is a hint of something 'SUBLIME' in the picture...

Faith, compassion, strength, and hope?!

#7us 7usam.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Swagger Bling Thing next to the Burger King. PIN`

my dental hygienist said I should start flossin', today!!
Might help my signature smile shine?! I guess.
It will help prevent future bleeds... in my gums, though.

Maintain health through adding smth, smth, smth

.:;[ i don't know where i'm going with this ];:.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is it.

No words can describe
the magnitude
& depth

of the peace i feel/felt/feeling
as and with i am
U right, now!


OG Hus.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Certificate of Duty. Status: Complete.

happy 29th birth day...
umm lilo 'n hasan jo


Warning Signal [ . . . ] :,.

Ha !
Ha ?!
HA HA ...
HAa ?

ummm... ohhhhhh [*awkward silence

It's the season

Seems like the time has come:

the kids are out of our control


; ahha

, thanks

. Ahha `1





Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I want to be the reason you smile
after you wiped your tears

The reason
you had the courage
to confront your fears

The reason
there shall be two karats
in each of your ears

I give&share my essence, ma
I don't care

~{ 9 (( % \\ [ ^\ 8 /^ ] // * )) 6 }~

-Divine Geometry + Arithmetics, anyone?!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

France 'w Friends...>'+'<.

The quote goes, in the context of the great warrior fighters of our time.

Like the wind, move with silence. Be as light as the breeze, and adapt in movement, to the rhythm of the earth and it's terrain.

Train for all circumstances. Use your body as a temple. Practice prayer, movement, spiritual dance, emotional releases, and feed as well as receive openly.

When all is composed, let the old decay after releasing a moment's attack. Like transient hits let it all decay. Once digested like a unit and processed like meat in a factory, lay out the waste as it can house as a capsule for posteric growth. Or growth for posterior in that matter.

Delay what needs done. Let is sit and ferment, for when you feed it to the hungry crowd, they will attach and paste the writing on their walls.

A thunder's sonic frequencies of light, decaying amongst matter, and releasing a transient hit, captured through copper wire to magnets of vibrations (vibrations in matter, to vibrations in electrical signals), will translate through magnetic force into replays of image mixed with white light combined with the sound of white noise, all to tune out and attenuate bad sound.

The smoking earth give birth to the chirping birds moving herds of goat's goaties giving old folks oldies verbal botanical "fambatical" mathematical, induction to introduce a move to seduce, the crew's who's, daughter mother or sister, to say Boos Boos, my Boos Boos, ya ibn La7ooooooos 7oooooos il-posterior malty.


[Key's to the VIP anybody (.__*__.)./^\.#6843.12\\has @ noon

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lesson Learned

No more planting seeds of intent through Verbal and Grammatical de-composure.

The truth is: I have manipulated self into belief through the art of slowly feeding the ego, that as an individual I am greater or bigger than the reality of what I am.

Confession: My hobby is my escape, and I converted loving it -into- exposing it to the public eye, only to receive much admiration and respect for the quality of work.

Conversion: Here is where it all got tricky. Instead of becoming more inspired and grounded, I seemed to have levitated to a different plateau thinking I am something that I am not.

Acceptance: I am just a kid, with a craft which is an ageless art form longing to be spoon fed into true fruition and discovery.

Reality-check: I need this to survive, more than I want this to thrive. It is a stream of nurturing that I cannot turn into a house for recognition. I recognize that through silence of construct, I break all ties to conduct, I become a simpler viewer of self-reflection.

Message: Self-reflection is stronger, more powerful, and more weighty than self-indulgence and recognition of false-power through dialogue with ego. That in reality is a form of __________.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Dear St. Raphael.

Heal me, guide me through, and protect me from negative thought patterns:
-chronic worrying
-lust for debt
-need for entangled/complex/pain-mongering relationships

and shield me, with your Holy Energy.
Protect those I leave behind.
And Empower me with Emerald Green in my Solar Plexus.
Balance & Seal.


Hushusa Musk Bin ill-Khitam.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thicker Than Ice.


Ramadan was good. Amazing. Ashtonishing. Fun-filled. Reflective worth.
And heavy on the soul. Yet light on the heart. And easy on the mind.

Mashallah, subhanallah.
Ana Mu2min, wa antum kaaafiron!!!
Ha Ha!!! Sorry, nothing I can do about it.

Your loss, son!
Never too late for you though.
Maybe next year, eh!!!

3iiiiiiiiiiiiiish, peace&love.
From my internal to your genital
(i mean external)....

Salamy musk khitamy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Night of Qader. Jamal Style~`1


today was literally, the best [... ...] day of my life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mother-matical Induction.

Summer was great!

it was all manifested, in good timing, man!

Saudi Arabia anyone!! For life.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Quest_4-abundance =>. Solve the EqUation.

The eternal question, solved!!

Figure this arguement out, and try to investigate for any logical fallacies:

...[ ] %.
1. a) "This" was all a memory.
b) Memory is a figment of 'my' imagination.
c) This is only real, now!
Got it?!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Words to Desribe, YoU~@((1.

It's August 1st 2011.

Never thought I would make it this far in life/with heart/with soul resonating. pulsating.reverberating @ a state of balanced sealed EqUiLibRium.

It it THUG MENTALITY all day.
To Hell U Gays Making Enemies Never Thinking About Life In Tomorrow's Yesterday.

The motto is, when u see no love, and make an enemy impulsively, in retrospect 10/10 you will lose the potential of a friendship that could deliver you to a higher ground of peace, love, and mental/emotional restoration.

BE. Lose the ego. Practice the pulse. And endure hardship.
God has put you on earth with purpose inscribed in your soul.
He has not nor has He the capacity to forget you or let you go.

TWeX with remix it for you. URG is how the movement goes.
We are 1 Cohesive Brothers moving in Unison.

I love you.

Shout out to Toque, the first man to believe in me. Shout out to bless, the first man to show me unconditional love. Shout out to Aseye, the first man to show me soul.

Shout out to Juice and Maverick, the first brothers to show me true loyalty and hussle.
Shout out to Dhamiri, Ammar, and Sameer. My first true friends.

God Bless`1.

This is it. And so it is.
We shall deduce numbers. Reduce friction. Induce love. Produce sound. And collect all the respect we can get. Through the medium you have created.

You are a community. You housed us. You raised us through the good and bad. We shall remember you. And when God Al-mighty blesses us again. We shall give back.

Habebe. My brother. My father. My soul-jah mate.
My one love.

King B.


Mr. 7us,am.
Mississauga.North York.East York.Toronto.

That is the collective art. Sonic.Rhythmic.Lyricist.Visual.



Monday, June 20, 2011

Tyrese's World: A Father's Day Poem by Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese's World: A Father's Day Poem by Tyrese Gibson:

"On this day, we as fathers are celebrated around the world...

I am more than just a man.. I am a father.
A boy is excited about the opportunity to be a dad.
A father is more focused on the 'Responsibility' of being a father.

As a father it is a responsibility to create the standards in our kids' lives, I am not just semen. I love you, and you love me and in our family we created 'we' in our children...

I am power, I am intelligence, I am education, I am integrity, I am God fearing spirituality, I am consistent...
As a father, sometimes I have to be away. I am constantly in the field hunting for my family's survival.
I am king therefore you are my queen. President Obama has created a new standard and removed every excuse a black man could ever have of NOT being a father...
I am more than I appear to be, I am more than just a man.

Fathers... Even though it seems like your effort is sometimes overlooked, God is watching and he knows your heart.

To all of the REAL FATHERS around the world..
Through good, bad or ugly relationships with the mother...
If you are NOT there for your kids, it is ONLY the kids that suffer in the end.
Take a stand and do any means necessary to be a part of your kids lives.

God knows your heart... God bless all FATHERS around the WORLD for Father's Day!

Posted by TYRESE at 6:40 PM"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Done Spellchecking.

Maybe I should write a Book, by the age 34.

Probably about real life experience. Meaningful and heart-felt.
That ought to touch some people and incite knowledgeable discussions.

I have been blessed with cognitive synthesis, quick witted-ness, sharp vocabulary, and bi-bilingualism, plus have an obsessive admiration of lyricism and need of descriptive writing.

After the book being published ( and me accumulating 94,234 in the bank ), I should have an independent publishing house, and do stories of walks of life and struggle with dis-ease and over coming adversities against all odds.

Maybe then children's books!
That will take me a busy and healthy route into secure and wealthy retirement.

Insha Allah, with the Will of 7usam.
Yella, man!

Cry me a Whole Community [SADLY True N.E.W.S.]

SO if you haven't Seen/Heard or Viewed yet!!!

Vancouver and Miami... clearly are SORE F***ing Losers.

Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.... that's the sound of a gassy discharge in YOUR FACE, son!


If you are un-aware, I am collectively discussing the NBA/NHL season 2011.
(in North America, that is what we watch... [apologies to Premier League and UEFA]...)

Flush it down the toilet. Workout. Practice.
And we'll see you NEXT SEASON, 2012 (the season where mother earth WILL NOT stop rotating by Dec 21 blah blah blah).

S** my D*** while I'm taking a Sh** M*f*.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, bwoy!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Quotation ~ Flective [-@-}.

An ordinary Hip-Hop artist, speaking on truth of time of the life, plus on the verge of Breaking-Big.

Ma-Sha Allah, 'it' all comes together, with Divine Order... in T.I.M.E.

"It's kind of like a spinoff of it. When I look back in retrospect, where I was at in my life at the time, it was a dark period in my life. Where I am now, it's the exact opposite of where I was then. So it'll have the same dark feel to it, but it'll speak on triumph, overcoming adversity, the things I went through in the past.
The content will be brighter, but it'll still have that dark feel."

Blessed by 2011, to see a Slaughterhouse worth of music, bringing a Wolf that is Yellow, styled with a G-mix, unified by a sense of Detox for our Systems [800W Amp 12" Speaker ways].



So this is what's going on.

Lot's of, BOND, Uni-son, and Creative/Collaborative/Productive ... WoRk.
2011 is Loo-king Go.od
so far.

Jay-Z & Kanye :-> Mass Media conquer-ing.
Beyonce & Lady Gaga :-> Raping ears popular-ways.
Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 :-> Straight lyrical murder-to weak artists.
50 & Floyd Mayweather :-> Business Entertainment Industry-raking in $ Millions.
LeBron & Kobe :-> Modern Day Leg-ends.

Mississauga Cohesive Unit :-> Making songs out of Bass-ments.

2011 all good, man!

Mr. 7asaNoon, been majnoon, now I moon, those who hate on Boon, slowly feeding flow with a spoon.


[This is HusHusa~BiG Gold%Black `1].


Sunday, June 12, 2011

End of Season.

So, you can't hate on LeBron and the Heat. The fact is, in one season they had a star team with a tri-logy hat-trick team a.k.a James/Bosh/Wade.
They made it to the top!!! Don't hate because they didn't meet "popular" expectation of certain victory. SON!!! It is a live game, and the ball dribbles, gets dunked, shot, and passed. There are slips and imperfections. But it is the flow and momentum of the team that makes it all seem so Flaw-less.

Bottom line is!! He is still young, and with the Heat, he has many years to come. He had a loss, after consecutive victories. Stop comparing him and putting him on a pedastol of previous champions (meaning Michael Jordan). He is his own man. His own player, doing his own thing.
This is like comparing 50 Cent to 2pac.
HOMIE, a wise person said and will say it again: "Do not dress me in borrowed robes! Let me walk my own shoes in my own light, not in the shadow of another."

Congratulations Miami Heat. YOU ARE the REAL champions.
NBA season '11, Done! Now it is time to rest, kick back, and take a vacation.
But for the real players out there: After the rest, comes more ____>> PRACTICE.

Do it to perfection. We love you LeBron! Wade you did your thing!
Oh, and you guys stole Bosh from our Toronto. Now clearly the Raptors have no future.
*Pffffuh... [Just playing].


I found a flawless way to keep in the know. Tweet the real people doing entertainment news and making movements in the world.

Research facebook by googling peoples name.

Check out what people listen to via: HipHop DX and Global Grind.

Instead of partaking in Social Media Bullshit (mind my language)... WRITE in a Notepad.

Record in spare time. Post on Soundcloud. Build up real momentum through people who live and run the Street. Volunteer, work, and partake in public events (not private stupid loser parties).

Don't ever BBM. No need for internet everywhere, thus iPhone can wait.

Ummm... text like a normal person, and use a simple telephone.

Remember your bus tickets, and look for maps and schedules.

Yeah, man! KISS ---> (K)eep (I)t (S)imple (S)tupid

And NIGGA ---> (N)ever (I)gnorant about (G)etting (G)oals (A)chieved

Oh and evade un-motivated, excessive-talking, dependant people, who work overtime in their gossip, and do less exercise plus suck energy, and are narcissistic by nurture, and don't stand up for the kid being bullied, who lack need for positive role-models, and love shopping on Mama's money, and driving Baba's car like its theirs.

Something along these lines.

Inspire. Be inspired, and write in the calender, set-personal goals and wants with a proper date, challenge your own self, destroy your own ego just to rebuild confidence, and be loyal to good people, plus adjust your image according to need without compromising your style.

Period. (Not PMS Mood disorder). Class is Done, for the season!

WELL-come, Summer-T.I.M.E.

God Bless the Grind and the Grinders (not for Marijuana, I mean individuals).

Day #7. Back @ Sq.1

Let's Do this!!!


Mr. 7usam. URG. Brabus Benz. Third Lenz. Missing Elements. Recording TIMEs.

In the Street 2 Beat Tha Heat.

Miami is HOT!!! (iHear).

[Sweet Dream, or a Beautiful Nightmare} Either way, its time/ to wake up and GRIND!!!

>>June 13__ July 27, 2011. <<@{{7.`1; RECA Engineer.


Look out 4:

Bad Meets Evil - Eminem & Royce Da 5'9.

Out June 14, 2011.

Summer is ONN, man!

Register me Trademark~1`*.

Inny Uhibbo, Allah-who?!


Milton Rocks Festival was a Success@#!!

People were happy, regulars got off their heels and kicked it to rhythm, drank ate and constructively talked. I worked volunteer. Food for VIP's, then security for Entrance. Thoroughly enjoyed the Walkie talkie.

Someone asked: How do 'you' do this Mr. Public Persona? To that I say: Lemme break it down for you REAL reel slow.

I am DII: Dissociative Identity (In)order.

I switch person accordingly to need. With that comes energy balance. I do it through Yoga, and random exercise to promote Muscle Confusion. Build up the upper body, and do cardiovascular through jogging, bicycle-ing, b-asket-ball, Socca, and the rest to rest. And drink lots of fluids.

The backdrop to this is PANIC!! => Due to excessive over-analysis.

I heal that with rhythm&message, coherently said/creatively written/artistically & respectfully spoken [with adequate timing] and then shared.


The solution to Panic Attacks. {My own syrum-o-theorum}

UN-Anxiety Attack.

Un:do the thought process that leads to axiety and target the trigger.

Attack:it through immediate pulses of strong (from the Belly) breaths.

Then release: watch it dissiminate after a brief-yet-momentarily (internal_eternal) wash-away effect and embrace the newfound Relief and let it Decay, organically naturally botanically.



Salam`1...>>.CHCH Rosary.Camera.Brewed.~Canadien.

[Get it?! Practice daily- inshallah u'll c "it" 2 too].

PS. Alyssa Ried is Mad Cool. Fefe Dobson is for Real. Mr. Toronto Emcee Maestro Fresh Wes did a guest appearance, and backstage gave me FIRM handshake. 2 songs to perform plus proper Rep to the whole GTA was nuff said!!

Brothers live forever.

Maestro said: Son, Stick to Your Vision!! Keep the Composition!! Eh, Blessed Man Mr. Tooq wearing Hussla???



Love the Vibes, Habeeb!


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Thank you Allah or Lord or God or Almighty or Jesus...

For the balance, stability, and divine order in timing of a masterplan in what you designed for homosapiens, aliens, animals, mammals, fish, herbivores, carnivores, insects, planets, stars, blackholes, and plantation... as a UnI-Verse.

Here is 'my' realization: with no darkness (in your soul the hole that is darker than a mole)

we will not have power to appreciate and understand light.

There for, why believe in your creator in the image of light/dark & black/white.
The reality is the imagery around in daily experiences (in the thoroughness it all encompasses) there is a multi-coloured SpeCtruM...


Appreciate, take the pain/cry then alleviate, receive love/hate to reciprocate, then once you re-LEARN to participate, you can celebrate an elevation in the mental state... and then collaborate creatively for new generations to birth ideas to cultivate & then re-iterate __KnoW-ledge.


Peace, blessings/love, & light.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

From-a Kilo to-a 100 Grams. [LESS is MORE].

True Value of Friend-ship.

Imagine this, you are with a person, on the opposite side of the table, having Starfucks coffee, and conversing. The thought then runs through your head. {We've been friends for a while ---> this person claims they care about me to the fullest, but is He/She a companion, friend, best friend, or acquaintance?! } Hmmmm...

Let's ponder that in this lesson-of-the-day.


There are two types of friends, simply put, believe it or not. One is a friend who will love you to death, say they will be there regardless, and show an image of them supporting you until death do you part.

The harsh reality is, that one come a moment of life & death, and choice of them saving their behind out-of-fear, rather than them taking the bullet out-of-love, this person will most likely choose self-defence out of concern of consequence based on them choosing you over their own behind. Understand: The fork in the path will always arise (delayed 10 years, or sooner 47 weeks) and the choice will show true colours. Be thankful when the time for them to part comes, and be grateful that you got to know an individual of their calibre and then let them go, regardless of your own fear by attachment and your own primal concern for personal vitality to come again (after it's been missing for so long).


The second type is one who is unclear. One day they love you, another time they tease and punish you for stupid petty things. They seem to interchange power by taking it and giving it to you when needed. Somehow by illusion, the past and 90% of people will advise you to avoid this type; claiming this person only loves themselves and are the type who are dirty/bad/criminal minded and classified as a group to avoid.

This friend, to a more self-composed person, actually is entertaining. For they never let you know what's the full picture in their mind is, and somehow speak of things harmful (to you), keep you on guard, and stress you out with their antics. Understand: This type of friend speaks truth with their movement and body language, because in the short-run they seem deceiving but in the long-run show consistency by behaviour. They take power only to give it back, and flex your defense mechanisms only to make you stronger. Value that "realistic" friend, over a "delusion" of a loving and caring person who will sell your stock for their own ticket to safety in an instant's decision.


Keep in mind, you should never be caught up with the concept of "best"-friend, once you're past your childhood dreamy days. The reality is, and always, opportunities in this cosmic universe are in-fact infinite (thus don't limit yourself by gluing to one person by calling them the BEST), and by the laws of the physical/metaphysical/divine-earthly/& universal: NOTHING is ABSOLUTE.

By claiming a friend is Best, you are projecting an unrealistic view that they are an archetype of what you look for in a person. You are chaining them down as though their existence is half-your support in this lifetime, when your own being is half, and the divine unknown (continuously to be discovered -through effort&release-) is the other half.

Teach yourself self-sufficiency, for a moment's advice remember that God's love is The Abundant/Infinite and Your Existence in this moment is the only Absolute. Fully-joy living one breath-at-a-time and remember to sample, hold, maneuver, reach, give-thanks, balance&seal, then release __ only to try again differently with endless possibilities @another location and T.I.M.E.

Many Blessings,

Mr. Husam Taher Ibrahim.


Shubber, H. (2009). Book of Integral Understanding (Vol. 2, 1st Ed., pp. 12-43). New York: FluidHouse Publishings.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 to 2003, and On-ward.

Dang G!!

It feels like the summer is a replica [music-wise] of 2003!!

Only Better?!

Check out the music scene.

Shady/Aftermath Seems to bring together the Illest artist on the USA signed Hip Hop Scene.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Key to Less Fearfull-ness {{IN-verted @=>-...`1.

Interesting excerpt from a book about life, death, facing your fears and breeding a newfound method to strengthen and empower self.


The idea is to face your mortality, and visualize different (possibly terrifying) scenarios of your death. Then fully engulfing oneself in the vision, soaking in its terror, immersing in the feeling, and then practicing self-talk and movement to tunnel through regardless of the temporary paralysis creating by such a (creeping & inevitable) thought.

So here is the quotation, as to how to covert a primal fear to a mastered feeling that will create joy (by goal setting & then achieving) out of short, momentary and mundane experiences (that might be boring, and frustrating for others).

-= =- =-

"As Seneca [the Younger of the Roman Empire in 62 A.D.] understood, to free yourself from fear you must work backwards. You start with the thought of your mortality. You accept and embrace this reality. You think ahead to the inevitable moment of your death and determine to face it as bravely as possible. The more you contemplate your mortality, the less you fear it -it becomes a fact you no longer have to repress.

By following this path, you know how to die well, and so you can now begin to teach yourself to live well. You will not cling to things unnecessarily. You will be strong and self-reliant, unafraid to be alone. You will have a certain light-ness that comes with knowing what matters -you can laugh at what others take so seriously.

The pleasures of the moment are heightened because you know their impermanence and you make the most of them. And when your time to die comes, as it will some day, you will not cringe and cry for more time, because you have lived well with no regrets."
=- =- =-.


Greene, R., Jackson, C. (2009). Confront Your Mortality- the Sublime, The 50th Law (pp. 277-278) [<@>] New York: HarperCollins Publishers.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daddy's All Star...`+>.

"'First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then you WIN'

- Ghandi"


Pick your reaction to hate.

PS. I need money (through a good paying employed job position in sales_12.25/hour x 4 times a week).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Poetic IN-Justice~`!

I hope and pray
When I pass away
I won't be led astray
And as I decay
And return to Clay

That ultimately
I will be blessed in Judgement day
And I look up to the scale
A heavy-weight that lay
Good deeds proceed in threads like Tweed
knowing I gave away
my love for cars, women
life in speed
as well as chronic tokes of weed

And ask my arch Angels PLEASE
send me to hell temporarily to cleanse my seeds
of intention, giving my children a safe haven and a pension
for all the tension (I experienced) giving nourishing retention

And as the thin line
I cross give me suspension
at lightening fast detention
bless me lord with light

AND KINDLY let me burn off excess karma
from the flesh to my palm I
confess that I've hurt/tortured/& confused
generous spirits
Just to get my way
to remain on top of the food chain

BUT my final request
is give me a tree
to dwell in its shade, eat off the spades, and bleed off its blades

BUT whatever happens
I desire deeply with a burning fire
to simply retire
in a Heaven of my own
a chair with my throne
where of wounds I'm not prone
and poetics condone me a loan to entertain my bones

And I choose then only to allow visitations to my newfound home
those that gave me a house and a spouse
that is (BO.HA.AS.SS.HAt.YrS) and that is all
that I ask
Oh Creator/Greatful/Charitable/Strong/Merciful/Vengeful
Completor of my innate.

[Don't send me back incarnated into another Lyfe-T.I.M.E.]

Sincerely yours, Eternally greatful.

Habeeby Allah.
Mr. 7usam aka HaSaNoon.

<~!={#@May.I.Re-birth, 31xtimes-over.....\"%[Haithrams`1.


O.F.F.E.N.D.U.M.: "Lyrics:

Look Up In The Sky - Its A Bird - Its A Plane

Its An Arab Superhero & He Came to Bring Change

Unite The Divided & Free 'Em From The Chains

Of The Tyrants Who Reign in Vain & Pain


Look Up In The Sky - Its A Bird - Its A Plane

Its An Arab Superhero - Yeah I know It Sounds Strange

But The Only Thing Keeping Us From Going Insane...

Is Knowing He'll Be Back Again (InshAllah)"


I am loving this man, his flow, the message, his lyrics, and critical thought in poetic structure.
I overheard one of his songs in collaboration with one that I am an avid fan of (the Narcicyst)...
and to be honest, FINALLY some Arabs are creative/productive/educated/relevant and hip enough to
spread a message that Youth can enjoy!

I am definately one to add this CD to my collection.
I had ordered it and am waiting for the delivery to my door: Omar Offendum (did he offend them with the truth, baba?!)
The album is the first debut [aside from mixtapes]: label Cosher Ink, LLC.


This album is an arab's voice and a gift to Hip-Hop as a culture to show how diverse it can be and how encompassing
of various populations and demographics of all struggles and walks of life the art form has grown to become.

Music is not Haram. Message is of truth. Use of vocals in melody can help an argument stick to the brain.
Then we as young Kids can have constructive discussions as to... yadi yadi yada

Shhhhhhhhh... be Quiet... T.I.M.E. to listen.

Salamun-3alaikum ---> 3iiiish 3umrak ya 7abib Galbi.
Mr. 7usam aka HaSaNoon productions, Ltd.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silly Dreams=->*871-22-8141

I heard 'em say:

Karma waits for no man

Resume as an Abstract copy.

Husam Shubber


I shall obtain a full-time position as a sales representative for an electronics company


Competent and quick learner
Listen well to instruction and adapt to different environments
Team spirited and good sportsmanship
Punctual and respectful with professional conduct
Trustworthy and positive attitude and play various roles as suited


Erin Mills Mazda
Sales Representative
August 2010 - December 2010

OMVIC Certified
Adhered to Sales process thoroughly
Met sales goals and remained motivated under pressure

Milton District Hospital
Emergency Department Volunteer
June 2010 - Present

Responsible for stocking linens and IV trays
Delivered samples to laboratory
Transport patients to diagnostic imaging
Remained friendly and light-hearted to patients who experience frustration


York University
Health Studies major
September 2004 - July 2009

Bachelor of Health Studies specializing in Health Care Management

Courses include: Health Economics, Social Determinants of Health
Administrative Studies, Research Methods in Health care
Program Evaluation, Integrated Systems in Health
eHealth, Health Informatics, Public Policy
Health Care Law, Health Care Ethics
Maintained a GPA of C+; Accomplished 90 Credits.

Centennial College
Recording Arts Continuing Education
January 2011 - Present

Certificate of Achievement specializing in Recording techniques, Pre-
production, Mixing, Mastering, Studio Set-up and Post-production

Courses include: Studio Basics, Digital Audio, MIDI interface production,
Mixing techniques, ProTools software, Arranging and Music
Theory, The Business of Music, and Sound Production for
Maintaining a GPA of B+


Music production, Playing Keyboard, Making songs using FL Studio 9.0
Electronics set-up, Musical Theatre, Visual Arts, Lyricism, Philosophy
Leadership, Guided Meditation, Documentaries


Fluent in spoken and written English
Fluent in spoken Arabic


Available upon Request


May 29th, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Birth.

Got a new nephew now.
Would like to call him Hassan.

New rules.
Drugs is out of the picture.
When the ringy cell we can reach for Sky and order a pizza while listening to music then have a ciggy after. Make sure there is tooth paste to use as freshener.

Oh, obviously there is rubber and lube for the safety of the vehicle in mileage, son!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Peace on Earth.


The Fear [for one's own safety and wellbeing]
is stronger than (and in times of danger, more relevant than)
The Love [of an other individual].

You are born alone. You accumulate experiences, and people come and go.
You die alone, though.

In a womb. in the earth, back to the beginning (but with accumulated WEALTH).

Your wealth is the song you touched ppl's hearts with. The walk that inspired the weak. The conversation that incited a spark. And the generosity that meant the world to another.

Keep accumulating wealth. BE heavy. That's the only ticket to a secure eternal life.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

False Web of Power.

HusHusa Al-Kabeer:

You can't psyche someone who has:
A best friend as a psyche nurse; a friend who is mental health professional; an acquaintance as a spiritual clearer; a mentor as a life coarch; an uncle who is a psychiatrist; and citicially analyst individuals as loved ones...


Oh, and a God-mother who is a registered practical shamanic psychotherapy professional...

]= 22 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.=.


Masturbate on that next time u think ill of me... u lil snitch-ass bitch...

And don't ever surround urself with my friends thinking their ur friends... u dirty ass whore...

HusHusa Al-Kabeer There!
21 minutes ago · LikeUnlike


This is the 'false' "power" of social media networking, Children!!!
Learn from my mistakes.

Don't be lured 'in' by a pretty girl
Who is: -Needy.
-Has one-sided conversations.
-Expects the love, never to give back.

PaRaNoiA & FeAr~ is all. <~((*))~> clearly see. in all HER messages.

Take care`1.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

-=Clarity ~1`.

I do not want to get married, ever!

The reality is: I believe nobody will love me enough. Everybody has issues.
I think I am the only one able to deal with my own issues in REEL-
time, and still 'behave' like a normal person.

Well, since that is clear.

Dear Lord:

I envision an empire that I can work through, and run on a daily basis, until retirement. I want 3 kids (possibly adopted). A wife is not necessary.
I am surrounded by women anyways, and I know the difference between juvenile-pretender and grown-&-evolving.

So if you find her, Lord. Send her to me. For I provide the oath that I will consistently attune to her needs and help her build up to a (emotional/spiritual/physical/intellectual) success. The rest is her own desire and her own drive.

Having said that Lord, if she is not out there, avoid sending me visitors who walk in and out. I AM LOOKING for permanence in my life, not exploration and entertainment.

I know how to cook, do dishes, do laundry, cut grass, paint a house, move furniture, put up pictures, decorate a room, buy groceries, pay bills, manage money, plan trips, execute while improvising, en-vision a future, and day by day -work to have it manifest. Will you bless me, Lord by providing me a companion?!

Or will you confine me to solitary imprisonment (in the mind) where my only escape is prayer, until the end of time?!

If i die today, Lord, I am thoroughly happy how my first 26 years incarnated turned out. But!!! Sorry to intrude on your Majestic-Highness... I desire more!!!

That is: A house & home with a wife and security.
A company to work through
My own side company to entertain my needs (I mean registered business)

So now that I am clear on where I stand, Oh Lord! Pick and choose?!
-Either it is a wife with a regular life where we break the monotany by travelling on a seasonal basis (and engage in wild love making in the process in the night time)

-Or make me a success in the financial realm, so I can see through that the business I envisioned will see the light of day, and I can give back through my success to individuals who matter/mattered/make a difference on a daily basis.

Thank you, for hearing me, Lord.

Mantra: -=[Regardless of the hardships] I [still remain in the eyes of the angels]



I gave 'her' an ultimatum.

Either she wants a Long-Term R.E.A.L. relationship (with all the ups & downs, pains and gains).

Maybe she is REAL enough to read and see the genuine love.
-She amazed me though
.she is a fighter
.she is a passionate lover [almost obsessively]
.she is spiritual
.she is somewhat of an enigma (can't really figure her out --> gotta keep digging)
.she is evolving (with her style [dressing], words [blogging])
.she is consistent with her rhythm (waking up at dawn to pray and get work done)

Dear Lord:
Help me figure out where the feet are heading. What is ordained? I know what is written. I thoroughly know who I am.
I love myself enough to heal my own wounds, without attaching to someone.
I can suck energy, reciprocate it, but maybe I did wrong. All I know is I always give it back.


Go find 'him friend. He is waiting for you. If he still doesn't see you for the individual (complete) that you are.
Then it is his loss.

I just have to place my peace that _ I cannot be substitute
_ I cannot be temporary
_ I have no strength to be crutch no more

I love me, too you know!! Sheesh.

Physician Description.

Back to regular sh*t!

That is -depression with brief moments of mania.

Solid lifeless affect (facial expression).

And work, work work, work work work!!!

-[Message to the people out there

Husam's tender heart has been fucked with far too many times.
Scabs, wounds, and blood
If I'm still alive that means I AM STRONG!!

My theory [yet to be debunked]

"Beauty comes from Scars!!"

I am too beautiful, to be TOUCHED, by ppl who think
THEY KNOW what God is about.

I am slave of God.
God instilled me and inscribed me to FAMILY.
My blood is for life.
So if u want to shed it and make me bleed


I mean straight up gangster 12 shots/ non-stop stabs in the same spot!

Don't pussy out in the middle u lil B**CH!

-PS. The kid has been wounded, medicated, enslaved, confined
SO many times.

He has flawless control of the image that ppl see...

Good morning May 3... I am FREE.

Maybe I was never meant to marry (I GUESS IT WAS PRE-ORDAINED... eh FRIEND!!!).

Though I been longing for it since age 12..!!


OOOPs!!! *blinks twice

-{Recess is over Children!! Back to SH*T on a regular basis}.


(8) Ima make a song out of them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kan-DiD Aura~1`.


Your NaKed SouL is on the INTERNET, now!!!

Fuck off, and dream about Corvettes...
How about that...

I'm a Producer/Sound Artist/Humanitarian/Healer...

and all I wanted was to: --> share my first REAL kiss with u

-I guess 'it' was all NOISE in my HEAD!!!

ummmmm... listen to this for healing...

Peace in. Ur manic-depressive rides... OUT!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Noon Time.

I am 26 years old.

hmmm... in [my] head I am 25 hundred & 34 hours; 47 minutes; and 22 seconds {long}.

Take that for 1, eh!!


- [Show me your soul, Oh beautiful woman] - i think i'm ready, now!

*(~~~~~%[|| - Can't be a lil kid no more... (but inner child will pop in&out..]

Only by proper occasion.




Thursday, April 28, 2011

Editorial. [NEVER to BE PUBLISHED].


Today was a good day: - like Ice Cube said it.

Actually it's been a bunch of good days... [AHHH!!! This is new and rather scary to Husam]... am used to hearing screams in my house, seeing demons chasing me in my dream, and waking up with a sore stomach and dry mouth...

Maybe it is all a blessing because there is new and fresh, tender and strong presence in the lives of my fam.base?!

Maybe, baby!!! - Tony Soprano making fun of his psychiatrist (after being over-analytical)

What else...?! Let's face the past... go to JFSS (my old toilet seat where I woke up/ did homework/ masturbated all night/ and took long shits AFTER WEEKS of F***ing Constipation)

did 'I' say toilet seat?! I mean HIGH bull***/f*****/piece of s***/ motherf***king SCHOOL!!!

Do you know how frequently I had nightmare that I am stuck in an Exam room with no studying to back it up?

SEE THE FREAKING STRESS (internal/ you have caused...

... but I am Soul-jah! I kept a straight face (when I wanted to ex-f*****ng-plode on a daily basis

I only had one friend. His name was Brandon Orr {look it up on your 2003 Graduating class yearbook {{| Thnx 4 the signatures my ppl!! (-@-remember.U((.

... and then there was beautiful, eloquent, sensual (in my eye -sexual too... *cough) -----= Sadaf K.

Thank you for the healing sister! I guess Allah really has
mercy on our souls...

Maybe 'we' All needed it, collectively (for the Community)

Now finally -( i can float ____ walk on water next?! Maybe)...
The eternal has been scripted... write your own piece to be able to walk again... (that's my father's voice resonating in my head)...


I was here yesterday, Am here today, Shall be here tomorrow...
and I AIN't GOING NOWHERE, Mississauga!

SO F*** you Mr. Authority. Go suck my penis while I am releasing dung from my large intestine you little leach-rat-demonizing-evil-poop.smelling-rodent!!!

*tiger growl...

Let me show you how to greet me when you see me, if you REAL my brother

Respect it son! I AM your bigger brother!
I've been through it all...
Look at my record...
OH Snap!!! It's all confidential with the Government & Protected by my rightful & legal citizenship to this Nation that ever so dearly embraced me...
I am citizen. I am human.
Stop looking at me like I'm wierd.
I (through pain&long-term punishment for 'my' mistakes ==> Have acquired the sense and rationalle to ---> Do: "whatever I want, When-ever I want, However I want, with WHO-ever I friggin want, WHERE-EVER I want {so long as I greet with respect, appreciate the experience, and then bless with a positive prayer+thought}...

... AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

There, I am officially cleared of all Negative entities attached to my aura.


Let me "Mr. HuSaLler ---> aka 7usam A. Shubber, aka Hasanoon... end it with this

No More Pain: by -Tupac Shakur (i love you so much -(~((@-}.

"I came to bring the pain
Hard-core from the brain
Let's [all collectively]
Go inside
MY [which ur only welcom by invitation]

Astral plane~~~~~~~~~~~`1.

(c) DJ HuSaLler... May 1, 2011.
PS> It's my birthday tomorrow, SO CELEBRATE IT!!! Humanity... (same day as Prince William and Kate's wedding). aka Royal -by Blood _not status =Couple~1.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!: That is the sound of internal healing/ exhaled / to welcome and invite nothing less than G.O.O.D. presence in -="our"=- lives...

---7sm.Shbr. HAHAHAHA: MC-Unit! H-Unit. Unity-Unison-Divine Order... and ...

Yazoo Choreographed DANCE.
Enjoy, ladies & gentlemen.
Welcome to the HuSaLler, show!

tune in to SW Freq. 2100 Hz ---> You'll maybe find me "FLoating like a butterfly & Stinging like a Bee"...

But... I guarantee you...
YOU'll never see me in my own EYE.

Just keep guessing...
Maybe you'll wake up too...
ANd get that BENZ you've been jerking off everynight for!!!



Sincerely, mine & then... YOURS (by invitation only).


No more mental illness, children!
King Sticky Bee, said: "Don't Do drugs and you'll be just fine!!!...

[Did i ramble too much, again, Mom?!]
Lose Yourself in the moment. This opportunity comes one shot.
Failure is not an option no more.
Why should I let you live [and feed off of MY energy] when [in reality] I am [and have been for 2003-2010] Dead inside, Officer!

-Can 'We' Attenuate the noise... said Mr. Sean Savage [my teacher @Cencol] from the Trackmasters in the 1990's...

-It's all for a purpose... Just be-LIE-ve, son!
LOL.LMFAO, in your face!

Pssst... Pssst
-Are you afraid to die?? hmmm...
then Plz... Gently... Softly... Peacefully... Eminently... Eternally...

CAUTION: DO Not Look in MY EYES like: you know what I am about
what I've been through
what I am here for
& what my purpose here is for

BECAUSE: I am in a continual process of discovering, integrating, and
reflecting upon... What I AM ABOOT!!! eh...!!

-Peace&Love Children
(i been thru it --> so u won't have to...)

]-[ u $ @ }v{ = Shubber, Esq.

-=?! Are you entertained?!
= Good: I can package it
perfect it
brand it
sell it
& distribute it

There. TWeX Ent. :It's all in the remix, man!
UR.Guided Foundation: Art for the kids, man!

Believe me, I have seen you in this life. I shall see you in the next!

Bye, hater.
Subhanallah, mashallah, alhamdulillah! AMeeen.
Hu.Sam.Military-Mind.Here for a 'hired' burboose!!

-it's the Kool Kat (my wife branded me that, HA!)
;-_+((*13054476358575 <== if you love me deposit some money thru Paypal.
Otherwise, FUCK YOU!!

One more thing, Mr. Psychiatrist in CVH!!!
-"I got my back against the wind
I'm down to ride until the sun burnout
If I die today
I am [thoroughly] happy [& greatful] how my life turned out

-50 (the General) Cent.

_shielded by angels_
_4 Leen.
_4 Yara, too.
DONE. 3,2,1 [Are you ready}... Are you ready?!... ARE YOU READY!!!!
-Ready or not!!! Here I cum... (on ur face child...!!)

-I meant come, mother!! Sheeesh!!.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aural Manipulations.

Since the beginning of time, when man walked the earth, ever so freely, with minimal restrictions, just instinct to rely on... evolution happened.
Then man became more educated, and formed social circles. From that came the concept of elite, and separation and disparity in class occured.

What is the solution to inequities in resources and opportunities...? Finding a common ground to unwind, relax, and de-stress at the end of the week's work, with mutual acquaintances with hopes that one of these days, we find one of them, who is a diamond in the dirt.

Only then will we truely learn the value of 'friend-ship'. Something that is risky because your heart, (which contains an accumulation of scars and pains), could be exposed to someone who could potentially: - love you to death, -or expose you and wound you once again.

But what is this problematic premise where if you were to expose your heart again, you will find love? Let us discuss in depth momentarily. The truth is the heart will be punched, beat down and scabbed a bit; but like the muscle that it is, it will flex, expand, and contract, and then ultimately (with that circular exercise) grow and strengthen... but only with time.

With time comes a dark tunnel, and the only lamp post is the faith that at the end of the tunnel, 'we' as an individual will become a stronger, more emotionally responsible, and self-empowered human being. With trust comes fear, with walking comes exhaustion, and with doubt comes pacing. But only if we synthesize and cohere our steps do we put trust (in something bigger than us), that our trips/falls/ups & downs will accumulate to a higher ground with fruits of the seeds we planted manifested and reaped... God-willing, Individual-driven. Blessed, healthy and loved.

Keep on walking my friends, keep on going, with what's really going on in your living conditions. Then maybe we can accumulate some authentic wealth, and when we stand tall again, instead of falling into ego once again, we can become philanthropists coloured by the art of our former pain and more giving and generous for the youth (or elderly) who deserve by the right of God... an equal opportunity.

God is hear. God is Here. Veins and Circulation.



Shubber, H. (2005). The Art of Measurement (2nd Ed., Vol. 1, pp. 12-37). Toronto: URG Publishings.

(c) Husam Shubber. 2011.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Excelsior's New Text.

Straight ^... G Style~!

Am liking the responsiveness from well-cultured individuals.
God bless the decent ppl doing their thing, and slaving hours on end.
We need people like them to borrow, infuse, and then cultivate from.
Then when we reap 'our' own green piece from the land... we shall share. iA.
-husam: said it! (will He do it? or just sleep on this one...~?!) . <( @\\`1.

TWeX barrs are consistently Under.Righteous.Guidance.
From the feet up!
Yeah, man!: say bismi-Llah. Ameen.

Dicing in White & Black.

Engine Start... 3, 2, 1 }---8---D-->. Commencing Sales motives, for summer of 2011, at the parkinglot, and dealership they call Erin Mills Mazda. !! Zoom Zoom, anybody?! ... Salams`1. Namaste... Aum. Hu. ~96{`1. iA. bina2 husam shub`er.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Some times what you experience around an individual beit male or female once the comfort is established the trust is present and feelings are exposed What is really experienced is your excitement of 'it' all coming together -a moment of vulnerability/strength intertwined- and suddenly it's a rush up the spine and that is [Ladies and Gentlement] not "love", "true love", or a moment "you've been searching for your whole life"... that --> in reality _(grounded and real)_ is a sensation of MaNia... and what you experience then... the love, the fear, the comfort, the loss of control, the break, and the healing ---> in real psychological terms is Simply... Rapid Cycling of Emotions. Experience it. Feel it. Hold it. But then -to maintain good mental health- Release it. Give it to the Uni-Verse. ---:/I guess that is what a hit of a drug (lust, rush, sweat, fast-heartrate, blurry vision, tremors and momentary panic) will do to your then "Clouded Senses". Wait til, you come back to reality, and you experience the crash... See if you (oh Mr. Intelligent) still feel the same way. Is that really what you defined as 'love' for yourself for so long? A temporary high? Did you like the crash on the way back for you on "reality's" ground? Hmmm... Smells like poop, doesn't it? Feels paralyzing and crippling? Make you feel like a child? Grow Up!!!!!!! And smell the roses once again. Mastering your emotions -{one day children}, is not deceptive and malicious (because of the duality in your facial affect) but maybe it is what 'real' grown Ups Do? Ha! Peace&Light. No love for today. Maybe its best to just maintain, sustain, reciprocate, work hard at (and thus elevate) Friendships... You ever think about that -Mr. LoveStruck Genius??? =*think u got it all figured out.. eh!!!. -------------------------------------. Bless`1. Husam Shubber. no more. nothing less. ~(@[[-1. References: Orr, B., Shubber, H. (2003). Awakening Your Own Self. Real Psychiatric Review Process (3rd ed., Vol. 5, pp. 153-187). Toronto, ON: URG Publishings. -------------------------------------------. Aum.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abstract Transitions.

Saudi? hmmm... Summer eq'n: Heat(Dealership+Studio)=Money-Sweat^Ground ---> Saudi. iA.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Testing... 1, 2, 3. Are we airing? No, not yet? ... okay. Shall I make beats then? Internal: YES, dammit! External: Fine. *more smiles in the day. `1.----------------------------------------->. Blessed.Hypnotic.Sound.

Ode to Esoteric yet Gorgeous.

Dear Beautiful lady... Plz... always remind me that I don't know you enough. That I need your permission to get to a more intimate level. That quality time is valuable, and need be earned. That always if I give my best... there is more to be learned... and always a possible step to integrate more... Depth. I don't crave superficial (smile/beauty/sex)... but rather inherently, intrinsically, naturally I desire... depth. Depth of spirit, depth of heart, depth of mind, and finally... in the eyes. Plz fulfill? And I will uphold my word, the I will continuously attempt to learn your ways, give my better, and ultimately share the 'best' with you... Oh, loved one! Blessed Be. [Lemme Upgrade You]... ----------------------------------------------------. HuSaLler * April, 2'11.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I worship... sound. Believe it or not. (but through "it", I met a newfound understanding, thus Admiration 4 God {The 1. Almighty}) I hate noise... so now I learned how to attenuate 'it'. I love rhythm and bass... but not all that's out there is MuSiC. hmmm... My peers are: Kudabox a.k.a Toque, and Truseye from Harmless Danger <-- he is my mentor & inspiration... Love~them.both. Now, I 'owe' my knowledge and synthesis to YorkU (where I met two of my most ~mUsIc-al friends). And I appreciate Centennial College, for giving me --> a 'healthy' OuT-let ~-`@...`1. Thank you, Sean Savage 4 the RECA program. That is Recording Arts. Thru 'it' I learned (& continuously Le@rn) to Record. Mix. Master. and hopefully... eventually... Produce. @ my own :/home Studio. Look out 4 HuSaLler beats. TWeX Enterntainment. & URG Movements. iA. bHs. -Esq1`. 3/4's To the max, with a Buck 50 for your Bank, son!!! Is this the re-birth of: McHuSaLler ?! Maybe, baby! 'Til then, stay tuned children @ 2147 kHz frequency SS... Come find 'me'. I'll see you, when I see you... but chances are... You Won't See me, brotherman! BleSS~Up. Pray~Down. LoVe~Internally. Breathe~Externally. ~1`. [If you build it, they will come] -Field of Dreams. ------------------------------------------------------. HuS@m..1` *(c). March 30th, 2011. -(~%~)-. Amen. Hu.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Essentially Simple.

Have you looked outside: son?

The date is March the 19, in the year of 2011.

It isn't yet... but it 'looks' like SpRinG.

What does this mean?
-more spring to your step (hopefully)
-more light in your day (yes!!)
-more relaxed weather in the night-time (should be good).

as well it is: -
i) Real Estate season
ii) Motorcycle season
iii) Soccer outdoors season.

-@{[[ # Can 'we' manifest those... oh father+mother?!
Can you limit the anxieties so these be do-able?!
Can you grace 'us' with protective shields, to dodge spears from starved haters?!

Hmmmm :- ....
Yeah, man! say: Godwilling, brotherman~!


HuSaLler (c). May (we) +* 2000 and 11.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Out there. From in Here.


It's been a while... so here I go.


Take me away - [to a place I've never been before] } elevate me, help me levetate, because whenever I meditate, I find your love and I want to reciprocate.

I think I have found an authentic source of 'love'.
I am scared... it has never been this real before.
I dwell in a dynamic state shifting between a euphoric sense, a hint of anxiety, short moments of manic depression, and then a steady straight face mixed with a soldier's demeanor.

Am I less capable of 'love'-ing, because time and blessings have empowered me to -:/hide/ my true feelings.
I only fear that this is all temporary and is actually just a phase... of simple and plain InFatUation.

I do not like that. I like my love like a drug... deep, long-lasting, (might I say sedative), and leaving a permanent effect on my apparent affect (physical composure).
I want it to f*ck me up, awaken me in the middle of the night, give me jitters, allow me to touch insanity, just to come back to reality in the morning, and live a "mundane" life, anticipating the rollercaoster for another night... right before my Bed-time.


So now that you know...
Will you love me. Will you hear me (cry... silently). Will you touch me (when... I feel cold). Will you read right through me (through... the glare in your eyes).

Or will you be a regular girl.
Buying your Starbucks coffee. Eating a different delicacy in designated "chill" sittings. Texting your 'fRieNds' about the latest and hottest joke/trend... ?!

Am I entitled to be on your iPod's playlist.
Do you hear my scream in the middle of the night, through that Lady Gaga song blazing through your ear-plugs? ... huh?

Or will you run to me when I need you most. When I am broken (in spirit) and hurt (in body). When I can't breath (because paranoia has made me rigid).

If I become incoherent, and mumble to myself in a room in 2D Department of the Psyche Ward in Credit Valley Hospital... will you come to visit to try to decipher what my genuine soul has promised even though my "behaviour" has seemed off the wall and inconsistent...?!


*No answer?!... maybe it is best that we part ways, so there is room for someone -out=there- to show me the love and support that will be needed as I embark through long and gruesome journeys to fulfill what 'I' believe I was put here on this Earth destined to fulfill...

The only problem is... 'I' don't even know ~ @`1... It is a continuous process of discovery, through trial and error, to reach one day a goal, that maybe has been written for me to achieve... as I have come to respect that a life without purpose... is a journey with no destination...


Down to ride? Through thick and thin? When we're both broke, and all I have is $0.17 for gas money, a little food, and that Ice-cream I promised we would have in the midst of the hazy summer.

I love you girl. I'm your Clyde... try to be my Bonnie.

Just the two of Us - [We can make 'it' if we try] } Let's look at each other's eyes and try to make it against all odds... only then can we say... in 40 years, that 'We' made something out of nothing... by our collective power of intent, and through the gift of divine inspiration, and the missing element of ---Trust in G'od--... that : Hah! We believe and then we achieve(d).

Maybe then 'our' story is worthwhile to share... hmm..
Can we say... "grandkids"??!!

*Grins big...*


Come what may - [ Peace, love, struggle, strife, steadfast-ness, inspiration, trial & error, passion, obsession, compassion, and... Light ].

: - ).


(c) Mar. 2011`.
~@ [ [ 1.