Thursday, April 28, 2011

Editorial. [NEVER to BE PUBLISHED].


Today was a good day: - like Ice Cube said it.

Actually it's been a bunch of good days... [AHHH!!! This is new and rather scary to Husam]... am used to hearing screams in my house, seeing demons chasing me in my dream, and waking up with a sore stomach and dry mouth...

Maybe it is all a blessing because there is new and fresh, tender and strong presence in the lives of my fam.base?!

Maybe, baby!!! - Tony Soprano making fun of his psychiatrist (after being over-analytical)

What else...?! Let's face the past... go to JFSS (my old toilet seat where I woke up/ did homework/ masturbated all night/ and took long shits AFTER WEEKS of F***ing Constipation)

did 'I' say toilet seat?! I mean HIGH bull***/f*****/piece of s***/ motherf***king SCHOOL!!!

Do you know how frequently I had nightmare that I am stuck in an Exam room with no studying to back it up?

SEE THE FREAKING STRESS (internal/ you have caused...

... but I am Soul-jah! I kept a straight face (when I wanted to ex-f*****ng-plode on a daily basis

I only had one friend. His name was Brandon Orr {look it up on your 2003 Graduating class yearbook {{| Thnx 4 the signatures my ppl!! (-@-remember.U((.

... and then there was beautiful, eloquent, sensual (in my eye -sexual too... *cough) -----= Sadaf K.

Thank you for the healing sister! I guess Allah really has
mercy on our souls...

Maybe 'we' All needed it, collectively (for the Community)

Now finally -( i can float ____ walk on water next?! Maybe)...
The eternal has been scripted... write your own piece to be able to walk again... (that's my father's voice resonating in my head)...


I was here yesterday, Am here today, Shall be here tomorrow...
and I AIN't GOING NOWHERE, Mississauga!

SO F*** you Mr. Authority. Go suck my penis while I am releasing dung from my large intestine you little leach-rat-demonizing-evil-poop.smelling-rodent!!!

*tiger growl...

Let me show you how to greet me when you see me, if you REAL my brother

Respect it son! I AM your bigger brother!
I've been through it all...
Look at my record...
OH Snap!!! It's all confidential with the Government & Protected by my rightful & legal citizenship to this Nation that ever so dearly embraced me...
I am citizen. I am human.
Stop looking at me like I'm wierd.
I (through pain&long-term punishment for 'my' mistakes ==> Have acquired the sense and rationalle to ---> Do: "whatever I want, When-ever I want, However I want, with WHO-ever I friggin want, WHERE-EVER I want {so long as I greet with respect, appreciate the experience, and then bless with a positive prayer+thought}...

... AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

There, I am officially cleared of all Negative entities attached to my aura.


Let me "Mr. HuSaLler ---> aka 7usam A. Shubber, aka Hasanoon... end it with this

No More Pain: by -Tupac Shakur (i love you so much -(~((@-}.

"I came to bring the pain
Hard-core from the brain
Let's [all collectively]
Go inside
MY [which ur only welcom by invitation]

Astral plane~~~~~~~~~~~`1.

(c) DJ HuSaLler... May 1, 2011.
PS> It's my birthday tomorrow, SO CELEBRATE IT!!! Humanity... (same day as Prince William and Kate's wedding). aka Royal -by Blood _not status =Couple~1.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!: That is the sound of internal healing/ exhaled / to welcome and invite nothing less than G.O.O.D. presence in -="our"=- lives...

---7sm.Shbr. HAHAHAHA: MC-Unit! H-Unit. Unity-Unison-Divine Order... and ...

Yazoo Choreographed DANCE.
Enjoy, ladies & gentlemen.
Welcome to the HuSaLler, show!

tune in to SW Freq. 2100 Hz ---> You'll maybe find me "FLoating like a butterfly & Stinging like a Bee"...

But... I guarantee you...
YOU'll never see me in my own EYE.

Just keep guessing...
Maybe you'll wake up too...
ANd get that BENZ you've been jerking off everynight for!!!



Sincerely, mine & then... YOURS (by invitation only).


No more mental illness, children!
King Sticky Bee, said: "Don't Do drugs and you'll be just fine!!!...

[Did i ramble too much, again, Mom?!]
Lose Yourself in the moment. This opportunity comes one shot.
Failure is not an option no more.
Why should I let you live [and feed off of MY energy] when [in reality] I am [and have been for 2003-2010] Dead inside, Officer!

-Can 'We' Attenuate the noise... said Mr. Sean Savage [my teacher @Cencol] from the Trackmasters in the 1990's...

-It's all for a purpose... Just be-LIE-ve, son!
LOL.LMFAO, in your face!

Pssst... Pssst
-Are you afraid to die?? hmmm...
then Plz... Gently... Softly... Peacefully... Eminently... Eternally...

CAUTION: DO Not Look in MY EYES like: you know what I am about
what I've been through
what I am here for
& what my purpose here is for

BECAUSE: I am in a continual process of discovering, integrating, and
reflecting upon... What I AM ABOOT!!! eh...!!

-Peace&Love Children
(i been thru it --> so u won't have to...)

]-[ u $ @ }v{ = Shubber, Esq.

-=?! Are you entertained?!
= Good: I can package it
perfect it
brand it
sell it
& distribute it

There. TWeX Ent. :It's all in the remix, man!
UR.Guided Foundation: Art for the kids, man!

Believe me, I have seen you in this life. I shall see you in the next!

Bye, hater.
Subhanallah, mashallah, alhamdulillah! AMeeen.
Hu.Sam.Military-Mind.Here for a 'hired' burboose!!

-it's the Kool Kat (my wife branded me that, HA!)
;-_+((*13054476358575 <== if you love me deposit some money thru Paypal.
Otherwise, FUCK YOU!!

One more thing, Mr. Psychiatrist in CVH!!!
-"I got my back against the wind
I'm down to ride until the sun burnout
If I die today
I am [thoroughly] happy [& greatful] how my life turned out

-50 (the General) Cent.

_shielded by angels_
_4 Leen.
_4 Yara, too.
DONE. 3,2,1 [Are you ready}... Are you ready?!... ARE YOU READY!!!!
-Ready or not!!! Here I cum... (on ur face child...!!)

-I meant come, mother!! Sheeesh!!.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aural Manipulations.

Since the beginning of time, when man walked the earth, ever so freely, with minimal restrictions, just instinct to rely on... evolution happened.
Then man became more educated, and formed social circles. From that came the concept of elite, and separation and disparity in class occured.

What is the solution to inequities in resources and opportunities...? Finding a common ground to unwind, relax, and de-stress at the end of the week's work, with mutual acquaintances with hopes that one of these days, we find one of them, who is a diamond in the dirt.

Only then will we truely learn the value of 'friend-ship'. Something that is risky because your heart, (which contains an accumulation of scars and pains), could be exposed to someone who could potentially: - love you to death, -or expose you and wound you once again.

But what is this problematic premise where if you were to expose your heart again, you will find love? Let us discuss in depth momentarily. The truth is the heart will be punched, beat down and scabbed a bit; but like the muscle that it is, it will flex, expand, and contract, and then ultimately (with that circular exercise) grow and strengthen... but only with time.

With time comes a dark tunnel, and the only lamp post is the faith that at the end of the tunnel, 'we' as an individual will become a stronger, more emotionally responsible, and self-empowered human being. With trust comes fear, with walking comes exhaustion, and with doubt comes pacing. But only if we synthesize and cohere our steps do we put trust (in something bigger than us), that our trips/falls/ups & downs will accumulate to a higher ground with fruits of the seeds we planted manifested and reaped... God-willing, Individual-driven. Blessed, healthy and loved.

Keep on walking my friends, keep on going, with what's really going on in your living conditions. Then maybe we can accumulate some authentic wealth, and when we stand tall again, instead of falling into ego once again, we can become philanthropists coloured by the art of our former pain and more giving and generous for the youth (or elderly) who deserve by the right of God... an equal opportunity.

God is hear. God is Here. Veins and Circulation.



Shubber, H. (2005). The Art of Measurement (2nd Ed., Vol. 1, pp. 12-37). Toronto: URG Publishings.

(c) Husam Shubber. 2011.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Excelsior's New Text.

Straight ^... G Style~!

Am liking the responsiveness from well-cultured individuals.
God bless the decent ppl doing their thing, and slaving hours on end.
We need people like them to borrow, infuse, and then cultivate from.
Then when we reap 'our' own green piece from the land... we shall share. iA.
-husam: said it! (will He do it? or just sleep on this one...~?!) . <( @\\`1.

TWeX barrs are consistently Under.Righteous.Guidance.
From the feet up!
Yeah, man!: say bismi-Llah. Ameen.

Dicing in White & Black.

Engine Start... 3, 2, 1 }---8---D-->. Commencing Sales motives, for summer of 2011, at the parkinglot, and dealership they call Erin Mills Mazda. !! Zoom Zoom, anybody?! ... Salams`1. Namaste... Aum. Hu. ~96{`1. iA. bina2 husam shub`er.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Some times what you experience around an individual beit male or female once the comfort is established the trust is present and feelings are exposed What is really experienced is your excitement of 'it' all coming together -a moment of vulnerability/strength intertwined- and suddenly it's a rush up the spine and that is [Ladies and Gentlement] not "love", "true love", or a moment "you've been searching for your whole life"... that --> in reality _(grounded and real)_ is a sensation of MaNia... and what you experience then... the love, the fear, the comfort, the loss of control, the break, and the healing ---> in real psychological terms is Simply... Rapid Cycling of Emotions. Experience it. Feel it. Hold it. But then -to maintain good mental health- Release it. Give it to the Uni-Verse. ---:/I guess that is what a hit of a drug (lust, rush, sweat, fast-heartrate, blurry vision, tremors and momentary panic) will do to your then "Clouded Senses". Wait til, you come back to reality, and you experience the crash... See if you (oh Mr. Intelligent) still feel the same way. Is that really what you defined as 'love' for yourself for so long? A temporary high? Did you like the crash on the way back for you on "reality's" ground? Hmmm... Smells like poop, doesn't it? Feels paralyzing and crippling? Make you feel like a child? Grow Up!!!!!!! And smell the roses once again. Mastering your emotions -{one day children}, is not deceptive and malicious (because of the duality in your facial affect) but maybe it is what 'real' grown Ups Do? Ha! Peace&Light. No love for today. Maybe its best to just maintain, sustain, reciprocate, work hard at (and thus elevate) Friendships... You ever think about that -Mr. LoveStruck Genius??? =*think u got it all figured out.. eh!!!. -------------------------------------. Bless`1. Husam Shubber. no more. nothing less. ~(@[[-1. References: Orr, B., Shubber, H. (2003). Awakening Your Own Self. Real Psychiatric Review Process (3rd ed., Vol. 5, pp. 153-187). Toronto, ON: URG Publishings. -------------------------------------------. Aum.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abstract Transitions.

Saudi? hmmm... Summer eq'n: Heat(Dealership+Studio)=Money-Sweat^Ground ---> Saudi. iA.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Testing... 1, 2, 3. Are we airing? No, not yet? ... okay. Shall I make beats then? Internal: YES, dammit! External: Fine. *more smiles in the day. `1.----------------------------------------->. Blessed.Hypnotic.Sound.

Ode to Esoteric yet Gorgeous.

Dear Beautiful lady... Plz... always remind me that I don't know you enough. That I need your permission to get to a more intimate level. That quality time is valuable, and need be earned. That always if I give my best... there is more to be learned... and always a possible step to integrate more... Depth. I don't crave superficial (smile/beauty/sex)... but rather inherently, intrinsically, naturally I desire... depth. Depth of spirit, depth of heart, depth of mind, and finally... in the eyes. Plz fulfill? And I will uphold my word, the I will continuously attempt to learn your ways, give my better, and ultimately share the 'best' with you... Oh, loved one! Blessed Be. [Lemme Upgrade You]... ----------------------------------------------------. HuSaLler * April, 2'11.