Monday, November 21, 2011

My last post.

I think I have discovered who I am.

I am me. I've said it multiple times.
But truthfully, the eloquent speaker is in reality a

Symbolic Interactionist

Thus by definition...

I am ever evolving.

Oh, How prestine you are Hus.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Need I say More?!

Today, was another reminder, of how rich and abundant life can be when the spirit of self-acceptance is invited into a vicinity.

Know: When you feel angels have overfilled your plate, allow the somber hallway called "Yellow Brick Road" to invite the gentle warmth reminicent of childhood fullness.

Fullness in heart, in presence, in body, with a hint of warmth added into the mix.

God Bless, the child, with the flawless intuition.


7usam shubber,


Dear Saudi Arabia

I appeal from Milton, ON Canada.

Need I say, as I plea bargain.

"Can I be near thee in flesh, in exchange for comforting you and massaging your heart?"

And before I walk the hallway for a lunch break...
I want to say

Can I hear your Xylophone. In Husam's presence. With His light to shine

on my temple only to fill my spine, with warmth.

A simple thing to ask, eh!!! to Riyadh, KSA.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Anger Management Tour.

Do you know the difference?!

Hypocrite >&< Mushrik

A hypocrite will befriend you, just to lie by not being consistent with: His/Her word, Not delivering good when spirit asked you to deliver it, and when bonded by heart turned His/Her back against it.

(6%9;777) And do the blind and sight-filled ones levitate on the same plateau?! (9%6:3171)

A Mushrik on the other hand, will show sincereness in behaviour, good thought in action, and well intended spirit by presence, but still have a primal and carnal desire attached to something of material gain involved.


& before 'i' end this, I want to send love to my real brethrins in arms and motion, with devotion as kind/comforting/and loving as a potent syrum potion, given by love that is deep in intetion as the warm depths of the ocean.

7usam, #Hushusa Al-Kabeer, Husam Ait.

(6%9;312) And he who walks the earth in solitude with gratitude, is closer and more loved by the Supreme Creator, than a group aligned in motion towards an unparalled path of truth (6%9;111)

Sorry I hated on you, Fadi.

F* the Eihab

Hello, 3ali 3ula 3alaihy Jaddun Qader 3ala Jameel Kamel fi Ri7an al-Zahraa.

Peace & Love, infused by Light.


Shade(s) of Grey.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red.(Green <-@->Blue). Brown.

I am listening to a song called: Brother's in Paris - Kanyay-Z

My thought for the day:

Some individuals seems to confuse the act of trust with the art of submission. If you become completely submissive to your heirarchial authority, while missing the element of appreciation of their caliber (and the work involved in catapulting them to the plateau), then you are actually giving your natural born power away.

Being functional and co-existent with their prevalent authority does indeed make you a valued asset; you serve the machine. The sooner you let go of your need to feel a certain way towards your counterparts, then you become fully fluid in your pursuit of endeavours.

Appreciating and respecting your authority due to complete acceptance of their earned honour, while maintaining a sense of autonomy, is indeed reflective of Trust & Loyalty. If you submit to your archetype leaders (masculine & feminine) that is a bonus for you as an individual; you are a benefitting member of society. But would there be greater prestige if you as an individual, despite the internal conflict of power, come to terms with 'letting go' of the need to BE that part (archetype nurture/provider) and rather further question your heads in power, THEN as a form of appreciation, bestow a form of trust upon their seat of authority?!

Hence is that not: "Being in Honourable Trust", by definition.

You, as a completely autonomous individual (empowered by birth), then are that much more valuable, in person, to the tender eyes of chosen leaders. In fact you may be viewed as valuable as a brother in arms, and would rank that much higher whence enlisted to the path of conscious [IT]-discovery.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nosterium Cycles at Quarter Moon.

Bismy allahy ar-Rahmany ar-Raheem

Al-7amdu li Llah
Rab al-3alameen (6%1@9) Al-Rahman Al-Raheem (6%2@9)
Malik Youm al-Deen (6%3@9) iY-yak Na-3budo wa iY-yak Nas-Ta3een (6%4@9)
ih-Dina al-9ira6 al-Mustaqeem (6%5@9) 9ira6 al-Ladtheen an-3amt 3a-Layhim (6%6@9)
3'hayr al-Ma3'hdoob 3-Layhim wa La al-Dalleen (6%7@9) ; ____________ }^{ , :.


7ayat (eee) Shubber