Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop. Ends his Reign at 50.

Today has been a sad day for the music industry. A legend who innovated style and dance in music has departed this earth. Take a moment to rememeber Michael Jackson. With 750 million albums sold worldwide, and the largest selling album of all time, take a moment to celebrate the artwork and lasting influence MJ has had over the past three decades. From his first performance in Motown records, to maturing in style, creating smash hits, and choreographing short movie pieces to accompany his masterpiece music videos, try to explore your favourite MJ song, video, or live performance. He has reigned for over three decades (1969 - Jackson 5, 1979 - Off the Wall, 1982 - Thriller, 1987 - Bad, 1991 - Dangerous, 1995 - HIStory, 2001 - Invincible).


OMG have you heard about Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace. I spent like 4 hours watching videos and exclusive interviews with him. He really was a good guy. He cared about humanitarian causes, and didn't let the celebrity life get to him and his ego. He left his mark in the music industry as a pioneer of style, dance choreography, and hit albums, all while being a legend in songwriting and stage performance. I loved him man! It shook me deep that he has departed.

But to be honest I am kind of happy for him. His suffering and negative public image will wither away. He will be recognized for his artwork as a crucial contributor. He will be celebrated for days, aside from being mourned. Sometimes it takes a death to come to terms with how much a person's work was a contribution for the industry they are in, and Michael Jackson was just that. He was a star, a real person, genuine character, with sincere emotion and affection. Why do you think fans across the world were so moved and overconsumed by MJ fever. He was a shining entertainer, and people love a true performer. He was a true artist to the core, he put his 110% into each of his "masterpieces", and I don't say that lightly. May his shine carry on posthumously, for he definitely lit a brilliant light on an international scale at his prime when his presence filled TV stations, radio, and music stores. He will live on strong in the minds and hearts of his dearest fans and any modern day true artist. Much love for the legend in late 70's, 80's and 90's reigning as the "King of Pop". May he rest in peace.

Moment of Silence. *Candle Lit*

RIP. Michael Joseph Jackson.
August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009.

You will live in the minds and hearts of adoring fans, with your permanent imprint. God Bless.


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