Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Words to Desribe, YoU~@((1.

It's August 1st 2011.

Never thought I would make it this far in life/with heart/with soul resonating. pulsating.reverberating @ a state of balanced sealed EqUiLibRium.

It it THUG MENTALITY all day.
To Hell U Gays Making Enemies Never Thinking About Life In Tomorrow's Yesterday.

The motto is, when u see no love, and make an enemy impulsively, in retrospect 10/10 you will lose the potential of a friendship that could deliver you to a higher ground of peace, love, and mental/emotional restoration.

BE. Lose the ego. Practice the pulse. And endure hardship.
God has put you on earth with purpose inscribed in your soul.
He has not nor has He the capacity to forget you or let you go.

TWeX with remix it for you. URG is how the movement goes.
We are 1 Cohesive Brothers moving in Unison.

I love you.

Shout out to Toque, the first man to believe in me. Shout out to bless, the first man to show me unconditional love. Shout out to Aseye, the first man to show me soul.

Shout out to Juice and Maverick, the first brothers to show me true loyalty and hussle.
Shout out to Dhamiri, Ammar, and Sameer. My first true friends.

God Bless`1.

This is it. And so it is.
We shall deduce numbers. Reduce friction. Induce love. Produce sound. And collect all the respect we can get. Through the medium you have created.

You are a community. You housed us. You raised us through the good and bad. We shall remember you. And when God Al-mighty blesses us again. We shall give back.

Habebe. My brother. My father. My soul-jah mate.
My one love.

King B.


Mr. 7us,am.
Mississauga.North York.East York.Toronto.

That is the collective art. Sonic.Rhythmic.Lyricist.Visual.



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