Friday, September 2, 2011

Lesson Learned

No more planting seeds of intent through Verbal and Grammatical de-composure.

The truth is: I have manipulated self into belief through the art of slowly feeding the ego, that as an individual I am greater or bigger than the reality of what I am.

Confession: My hobby is my escape, and I converted loving it -into- exposing it to the public eye, only to receive much admiration and respect for the quality of work.

Conversion: Here is where it all got tricky. Instead of becoming more inspired and grounded, I seemed to have levitated to a different plateau thinking I am something that I am not.

Acceptance: I am just a kid, with a craft which is an ageless art form longing to be spoon fed into true fruition and discovery.

Reality-check: I need this to survive, more than I want this to thrive. It is a stream of nurturing that I cannot turn into a house for recognition. I recognize that through silence of construct, I break all ties to conduct, I become a simpler viewer of self-reflection.

Message: Self-reflection is stronger, more powerful, and more weighty than self-indulgence and recognition of false-power through dialogue with ego. That in reality is a form of __________.

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