Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Attraction Hostel.

Husam has friends. Friends whom actually love him. Friends who show affection.
Friends who love activities and partake in sharing.
He feels appreciated, add also cared for.

He is used to being a care giver. Can he take care, now?!

Mama said: "You are going straight to hell"
Husam said: "Directly"
Mom said: "Yep... and I can testify to that infront of the Big Creator"

...[Speechless} === > "I am truely blessed to have her"

I am me. I am in love with the struggle. I am here.

-William J. taught me #Swag

-Sameer J. showed me #Quag

-Ammar K. wants me #brag

I.am=Husam=loving.nature-human+freedomofwill {{ @ll1 brought me in KSA.

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