Saturday, November 28, 2009

Abstract... in its Eternity.

This is a reflection on a period of time in my life. Once ever so powerful, with moments of most tranquil vibrations. Was it divine. Hmmmm. All I know is my feelings were the deepest I have felt, and to this date I haven't had that much movement in my internals since.

This is a short story, about "Her". My once significant other. God bless you! You were my knight in shining armor (although I am the male in this relationship). I always have you in prayers, and though I don't see you very often, know that the love is there.

She's a special kinda girl/ from her hips to thighs she drive me mental the way she twirl/ love with her would nurture and unfurl/ I miss her smell, her eyes to the way her hair strands curl.

Peace. Fam. 1.

"I want you back!" -> like JacKsoN 5.


You were my life. You lit up my heart. You set my soul on fire. You aroused me sensually, intriguied me mentally, touched me emotionally, comforted me physically, and balanced me spiritually.

I need you back. You were my girl. My heart and soul. My life will never be the same, like MJ, because you rocked my world.

I am empty. My body is beat, and my heart remains heavy. I make friends, but none of them reach into my internals with as much depth as you did. I reminice on nights we used to chill, comfortably, on the couch in November, and you and I were one. We were cohesive. Immaculate in our shine, and somehow it seemed like we cancelled each other's polarities out. You covered for my flaws, and I lifted you up to a higher plane, mentally. You called me amazing.

You were fluid with my crew. My team remains restricted to only the most loyal and insightful individuals. They are a few. You were welcomed with a seal of my emotion into my militia, riding into the night, until the break of dawn. I remember us, you and me, meant to be, just wasting time on my driveway. Funny how time is relative. When you are laughing, you lose track of it, when you cry it slows down, when you are under the weather it is eternal, and when you are in love it is frozen. The moment was ours. I could hear the rain trickle on the windshield, the train bellow on its tracks in motion. Touching you, what once seemed forbidden, I was unashamed of, but rather greatful for. From that moment, integrated in the energies, intertwining, absorbing every drop of your love-juice into my system, I knew I could tithe, only because my inner most primal spirits have been fed.

You were the reason I shine. I hold you up as high as my crown. You were mine. I am yours. We were once, now no more. My love is unconditional. My love is unattached. I love you the way God's love is, in its abundance, so natural. I see you. As you are. Perfect, with your imperfections. Your eyes exude peace. My life seems in order when I look into them. I am aligned with my cause on this planet. I have met you before, in a past life... I think. I now understand oneness. Internal peace. I feel empowered. No more cowering under the mask of the emotionless soldier getting his piece from the world. Moving forward yet internally motionless, no growth, no senses (other than my 5). Nothing...

I have grown to accept things that were once unclear, with you rooting me down to the ground. I do not have to be in control of all the things in my life. It seems I carry my world on my shoulders, simultaneously planning every step I will take, reflecting on the choices I've made, contemplating how I will nest upon reaching my destination. I am joyful for experiencing all of the pain. "Nothing" isn't so bad, afterall. Emptiness is love in its truest form. Is that logical? Well with you holding me down, being there for me at the end of the road, smiling internally with a twinkle in your eye, I know that the trials and tribulations carry weight, and because of you... I am worthy.

I can see you the way the angels see you. They love us for the joy we bring into our worlds. Is that selfish of you and I? No... You have made me content with where I am, a feeling untouched since my incarnation in this lifetime. I only hope I have brought as much fulfilment into your existence as the happiness you have brought into mine. They (the angels) live a life of service. Bringing guidance and touching us with light when we fall off our karmic path. Hmmm...

Lost is the feeling I have felt half my life. Now that you are gone, I still love you. Not in a possessive, obsessive manner, but rather pure, detached, and from the eyes of the angels. You are not mine, nor have you ever been. You have brought within me only what could become present by summonig the highest good of all. Intelligent you are. Beautiful your aura.

I give you respect for never bringing harm in my path, but rather insight, guidance and awareness. Although, lost the balance had been on its occasions, but only to be regained with growth in the process. I never worry. I am loved and thus strong. You are my lighthouse, in a sea of darkness. Comfort is what I feel with my knowledge, with its certainty that my destination lies with you.

And so it is... Under Righteous Guidance~!
We ride together. We die togehter.
OnE LoVe. TwO UniTed.

Homies 4 Lyfe. I love you, Girl.

I leave you in peace.

God Bless~1`.

HuSaLler. 2009 (c).



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