Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poetry in Truth.

This is a poem that I found intriguing. It is written through the perspective of a man struggling with mental illness.

Hear his struggle, feel his pain. But don't feel sorry for him... for even he sees the bright light at the other side of the life-long tunnel.


-by Brent Leonard Wolters a.k.a. The Roseman

What's in my head?
I feel like I'm being stretched like a rubber band
and that I'll snap back at any second,
start talking to the walls and trying to sit on the ceiling.
I have all these plans-
books, trips, getting out of debt, work,
friendships, relationships.
And on the edge of it all,
the specters are stirring,
the voices are clamoring,
drawing breath to speak again-
because they've been ignored.
Madness wells up from below the surface,
seeps out of my skin like sweat.
I'm afraid of myself,
and the urge to hide away is growing.
I don't trust myself,
and certainly wouldn't want to hurt anyone.
I do care, I love people.
I'm afraid of the beast within
that I keep chained and locked away.
Do I tell them?
Do I share the nature of the thing inside?
Can I keep this thing under my control
or will it escape again?
The nightmares have returned.
Maybe I should share...
would it help?

Ever so powerful.


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