Saturday, March 19, 2011

Essentially Simple.

Have you looked outside: son?

The date is March the 19, in the year of 2011.

It isn't yet... but it 'looks' like SpRinG.

What does this mean?
-more spring to your step (hopefully)
-more light in your day (yes!!)
-more relaxed weather in the night-time (should be good).

as well it is: -
i) Real Estate season
ii) Motorcycle season
iii) Soccer outdoors season.

-@{[[ # Can 'we' manifest those... oh father+mother?!
Can you limit the anxieties so these be do-able?!
Can you grace 'us' with protective shields, to dodge spears from starved haters?!

Hmmmm :- ....
Yeah, man! say: Godwilling, brotherman~!


HuSaLler (c). May (we) +* 2000 and 11.


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