Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Anger Management Tour.

Do you know the difference?!

Hypocrite >&< Mushrik

A hypocrite will befriend you, just to lie by not being consistent with: His/Her word, Not delivering good when spirit asked you to deliver it, and when bonded by heart turned His/Her back against it.

(6%9;777) And do the blind and sight-filled ones levitate on the same plateau?! (9%6:3171)

A Mushrik on the other hand, will show sincereness in behaviour, good thought in action, and well intended spirit by presence, but still have a primal and carnal desire attached to something of material gain involved.


& before 'i' end this, I want to send love to my real brethrins in arms and motion, with devotion as kind/comforting/and loving as a potent syrum potion, given by love that is deep in intetion as the warm depths of the ocean.

7usam, #Hushusa Al-Kabeer, Husam Ait.

(6%9;312) And he who walks the earth in solitude with gratitude, is closer and more loved by the Supreme Creator, than a group aligned in motion towards an unparalled path of truth (6%9;111)

Sorry I hated on you, Fadi.

F* the Eihab

Hello, 3ali 3ula 3alaihy Jaddun Qader 3ala Jameel Kamel fi Ri7an al-Zahraa.

Peace & Love, infused by Light.


Shade(s) of Grey.

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