Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red.(Green <-@->Blue). Brown.

I am listening to a song called: Brother's in Paris - Kanyay-Z

My thought for the day:

Some individuals seems to confuse the act of trust with the art of submission. If you become completely submissive to your heirarchial authority, while missing the element of appreciation of their caliber (and the work involved in catapulting them to the plateau), then you are actually giving your natural born power away.

Being functional and co-existent with their prevalent authority does indeed make you a valued asset; you serve the machine. The sooner you let go of your need to feel a certain way towards your counterparts, then you become fully fluid in your pursuit of endeavours.

Appreciating and respecting your authority due to complete acceptance of their earned honour, while maintaining a sense of autonomy, is indeed reflective of Trust & Loyalty. If you submit to your archetype leaders (masculine & feminine) that is a bonus for you as an individual; you are a benefitting member of society. But would there be greater prestige if you as an individual, despite the internal conflict of power, come to terms with 'letting go' of the need to BE that part (archetype nurture/provider) and rather further question your heads in power, THEN as a form of appreciation, bestow a form of trust upon their seat of authority?!

Hence is that not: "Being in Honourable Trust", by definition.

You, as a completely autonomous individual (empowered by birth), then are that much more valuable, in person, to the tender eyes of chosen leaders. In fact you may be viewed as valuable as a brother in arms, and would rank that much higher whence enlisted to the path of conscious [IT]-discovery.


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