Thursday, April 28, 2011

Editorial. [NEVER to BE PUBLISHED].


Today was a good day: - like Ice Cube said it.

Actually it's been a bunch of good days... [AHHH!!! This is new and rather scary to Husam]... am used to hearing screams in my house, seeing demons chasing me in my dream, and waking up with a sore stomach and dry mouth...

Maybe it is all a blessing because there is new and fresh, tender and strong presence in the lives of my fam.base?!

Maybe, baby!!! - Tony Soprano making fun of his psychiatrist (after being over-analytical)

What else...?! Let's face the past... go to JFSS (my old toilet seat where I woke up/ did homework/ masturbated all night/ and took long shits AFTER WEEKS of F***ing Constipation)

did 'I' say toilet seat?! I mean HIGH bull***/f*****/piece of s***/ motherf***king SCHOOL!!!

Do you know how frequently I had nightmare that I am stuck in an Exam room with no studying to back it up?

SEE THE FREAKING STRESS (internal/ you have caused...

... but I am Soul-jah! I kept a straight face (when I wanted to ex-f*****ng-plode on a daily basis

I only had one friend. His name was Brandon Orr {look it up on your 2003 Graduating class yearbook {{| Thnx 4 the signatures my ppl!! (-@-remember.U((.

... and then there was beautiful, eloquent, sensual (in my eye -sexual too... *cough) -----= Sadaf K.

Thank you for the healing sister! I guess Allah really has
mercy on our souls...

Maybe 'we' All needed it, collectively (for the Community)

Now finally -( i can float ____ walk on water next?! Maybe)...
The eternal has been scripted... write your own piece to be able to walk again... (that's my father's voice resonating in my head)...


I was here yesterday, Am here today, Shall be here tomorrow...
and I AIN't GOING NOWHERE, Mississauga!

SO F*** you Mr. Authority. Go suck my penis while I am releasing dung from my large intestine you little leach-rat-demonizing-evil-poop.smelling-rodent!!!

*tiger growl...

Let me show you how to greet me when you see me, if you REAL my brother

Respect it son! I AM your bigger brother!
I've been through it all...
Look at my record...
OH Snap!!! It's all confidential with the Government & Protected by my rightful & legal citizenship to this Nation that ever so dearly embraced me...
I am citizen. I am human.
Stop looking at me like I'm wierd.
I (through pain&long-term punishment for 'my' mistakes ==> Have acquired the sense and rationalle to ---> Do: "whatever I want, When-ever I want, However I want, with WHO-ever I friggin want, WHERE-EVER I want {so long as I greet with respect, appreciate the experience, and then bless with a positive prayer+thought}...

... AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

There, I am officially cleared of all Negative entities attached to my aura.


Let me "Mr. HuSaLler ---> aka 7usam A. Shubber, aka Hasanoon... end it with this

No More Pain: by -Tupac Shakur (i love you so much -(~((@-}.

"I came to bring the pain
Hard-core from the brain
Let's [all collectively]
Go inside
MY [which ur only welcom by invitation]

Astral plane~~~~~~~~~~~`1.

(c) DJ HuSaLler... May 1, 2011.
PS> It's my birthday tomorrow, SO CELEBRATE IT!!! Humanity... (same day as Prince William and Kate's wedding). aka Royal -by Blood _not status =Couple~1.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!: That is the sound of internal healing/ exhaled / to welcome and invite nothing less than G.O.O.D. presence in -="our"=- lives...

---7sm.Shbr. HAHAHAHA: MC-Unit! H-Unit. Unity-Unison-Divine Order... and ...

Yazoo Choreographed DANCE.
Enjoy, ladies & gentlemen.
Welcome to the HuSaLler, show!

tune in to SW Freq. 2100 Hz ---> You'll maybe find me "FLoating like a butterfly & Stinging like a Bee"...

But... I guarantee you...
YOU'll never see me in my own EYE.

Just keep guessing...
Maybe you'll wake up too...
ANd get that BENZ you've been jerking off everynight for!!!



Sincerely, mine & then... YOURS (by invitation only).


No more mental illness, children!
King Sticky Bee, said: "Don't Do drugs and you'll be just fine!!!...

[Did i ramble too much, again, Mom?!]
Lose Yourself in the moment. This opportunity comes one shot.
Failure is not an option no more.
Why should I let you live [and feed off of MY energy] when [in reality] I am [and have been for 2003-2010] Dead inside, Officer!

-Can 'We' Attenuate the noise... said Mr. Sean Savage [my teacher @Cencol] from the Trackmasters in the 1990's...

-It's all for a purpose... Just be-LIE-ve, son!
LOL.LMFAO, in your face!

Pssst... Pssst
-Are you afraid to die?? hmmm...
then Plz... Gently... Softly... Peacefully... Eminently... Eternally...

CAUTION: DO Not Look in MY EYES like: you know what I am about
what I've been through
what I am here for
& what my purpose here is for

BECAUSE: I am in a continual process of discovering, integrating, and
reflecting upon... What I AM ABOOT!!! eh...!!

-Peace&Love Children
(i been thru it --> so u won't have to...)

]-[ u $ @ }v{ = Shubber, Esq.

-=?! Are you entertained?!
= Good: I can package it
perfect it
brand it
sell it
& distribute it

There. TWeX Ent. :It's all in the remix, man!
UR.Guided Foundation: Art for the kids, man!

Believe me, I have seen you in this life. I shall see you in the next!

Bye, hater.
Subhanallah, mashallah, alhamdulillah! AMeeen.
Hu.Sam.Military-Mind.Here for a 'hired' burboose!!

-it's the Kool Kat (my wife branded me that, HA!)
;-_+((*13054476358575 <== if you love me deposit some money thru Paypal.
Otherwise, FUCK YOU!!

One more thing, Mr. Psychiatrist in CVH!!!
-"I got my back against the wind
I'm down to ride until the sun burnout
If I die today
I am [thoroughly] happy [& greatful] how my life turned out

-50 (the General) Cent.

_shielded by angels_
_4 Leen.
_4 Yara, too.
DONE. 3,2,1 [Are you ready}... Are you ready?!... ARE YOU READY!!!!
-Ready or not!!! Here I cum... (on ur face child...!!)

-I meant come, mother!! Sheeesh!!.

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