Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ode to Esoteric yet Gorgeous.

Dear Beautiful lady... Plz... always remind me that I don't know you enough. That I need your permission to get to a more intimate level. That quality time is valuable, and need be earned. That always if I give my best... there is more to be learned... and always a possible step to integrate more... Depth. I don't crave superficial (smile/beauty/sex)... but rather inherently, intrinsically, naturally I desire... depth. Depth of spirit, depth of heart, depth of mind, and finally... in the eyes. Plz fulfill? And I will uphold my word, the I will continuously attempt to learn your ways, give my better, and ultimately share the 'best' with you... Oh, loved one! Blessed Be. [Lemme Upgrade You]... ----------------------------------------------------. HuSaLler * April, 2'11.

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