Thursday, April 14, 2011


Some times what you experience around an individual beit male or female once the comfort is established the trust is present and feelings are exposed What is really experienced is your excitement of 'it' all coming together -a moment of vulnerability/strength intertwined- and suddenly it's a rush up the spine and that is [Ladies and Gentlement] not "love", "true love", or a moment "you've been searching for your whole life"... that --> in reality _(grounded and real)_ is a sensation of MaNia... and what you experience then... the love, the fear, the comfort, the loss of control, the break, and the healing ---> in real psychological terms is Simply... Rapid Cycling of Emotions. Experience it. Feel it. Hold it. But then -to maintain good mental health- Release it. Give it to the Uni-Verse. ---:/I guess that is what a hit of a drug (lust, rush, sweat, fast-heartrate, blurry vision, tremors and momentary panic) will do to your then "Clouded Senses". Wait til, you come back to reality, and you experience the crash... See if you (oh Mr. Intelligent) still feel the same way. Is that really what you defined as 'love' for yourself for so long? A temporary high? Did you like the crash on the way back for you on "reality's" ground? Hmmm... Smells like poop, doesn't it? Feels paralyzing and crippling? Make you feel like a child? Grow Up!!!!!!! And smell the roses once again. Mastering your emotions -{one day children}, is not deceptive and malicious (because of the duality in your facial affect) but maybe it is what 'real' grown Ups Do? Ha! Peace&Light. No love for today. Maybe its best to just maintain, sustain, reciprocate, work hard at (and thus elevate) Friendships... You ever think about that -Mr. LoveStruck Genius??? =*think u got it all figured out.. eh!!!. -------------------------------------. Bless`1. Husam Shubber. no more. nothing less. ~(@[[-1. References: Orr, B., Shubber, H. (2003). Awakening Your Own Self. Real Psychiatric Review Process (3rd ed., Vol. 5, pp. 153-187). Toronto, ON: URG Publishings. -------------------------------------------. Aum.

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