Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aural Manipulations.

Since the beginning of time, when man walked the earth, ever so freely, with minimal restrictions, just instinct to rely on... evolution happened.
Then man became more educated, and formed social circles. From that came the concept of elite, and separation and disparity in class occured.

What is the solution to inequities in resources and opportunities...? Finding a common ground to unwind, relax, and de-stress at the end of the week's work, with mutual acquaintances with hopes that one of these days, we find one of them, who is a diamond in the dirt.

Only then will we truely learn the value of 'friend-ship'. Something that is risky because your heart, (which contains an accumulation of scars and pains), could be exposed to someone who could potentially: - love you to death, -or expose you and wound you once again.

But what is this problematic premise where if you were to expose your heart again, you will find love? Let us discuss in depth momentarily. The truth is the heart will be punched, beat down and scabbed a bit; but like the muscle that it is, it will flex, expand, and contract, and then ultimately (with that circular exercise) grow and strengthen... but only with time.

With time comes a dark tunnel, and the only lamp post is the faith that at the end of the tunnel, 'we' as an individual will become a stronger, more emotionally responsible, and self-empowered human being. With trust comes fear, with walking comes exhaustion, and with doubt comes pacing. But only if we synthesize and cohere our steps do we put trust (in something bigger than us), that our trips/falls/ups & downs will accumulate to a higher ground with fruits of the seeds we planted manifested and reaped... God-willing, Individual-driven. Blessed, healthy and loved.

Keep on walking my friends, keep on going, with what's really going on in your living conditions. Then maybe we can accumulate some authentic wealth, and when we stand tall again, instead of falling into ego once again, we can become philanthropists coloured by the art of our former pain and more giving and generous for the youth (or elderly) who deserve by the right of God... an equal opportunity.

God is hear. God is Here. Veins and Circulation.



Shubber, H. (2005). The Art of Measurement (2nd Ed., Vol. 1, pp. 12-37). Toronto: URG Publishings.

(c) Husam Shubber. 2011.

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