Tuesday, May 3, 2011

-=Clarity ~1`.

I do not want to get married, ever!

The reality is: I believe nobody will love me enough. Everybody has issues.
I think I am the only one able to deal with my own issues in REEL-
time, and still 'behave' like a normal person.

Well, since that is clear.

Dear Lord:

I envision an empire that I can work through, and run on a daily basis, until retirement. I want 3 kids (possibly adopted). A wife is not necessary.
I am surrounded by women anyways, and I know the difference between juvenile-pretender and grown-&-evolving.

So if you find her, Lord. Send her to me. For I provide the oath that I will consistently attune to her needs and help her build up to a (emotional/spiritual/physical/intellectual) success. The rest is her own desire and her own drive.

Having said that Lord, if she is not out there, avoid sending me visitors who walk in and out. I AM LOOKING for permanence in my life, not exploration and entertainment.

I know how to cook, do dishes, do laundry, cut grass, paint a house, move furniture, put up pictures, decorate a room, buy groceries, pay bills, manage money, plan trips, execute while improvising, en-vision a future, and day by day -work to have it manifest. Will you bless me, Lord by providing me a companion?!

Or will you confine me to solitary imprisonment (in the mind) where my only escape is prayer, until the end of time?!

If i die today, Lord, I am thoroughly happy how my first 26 years incarnated turned out. But!!! Sorry to intrude on your Majestic-Highness... I desire more!!!

That is: A house & home with a wife and security.
A company to work through
My own side company to entertain my needs (I mean registered business)

So now that I am clear on where I stand, Oh Lord! Pick and choose?!
-Either it is a wife with a regular life where we break the monotany by travelling on a seasonal basis (and engage in wild love making in the process in the night time)

-Or make me a success in the financial realm, so I can see through that the business I envisioned will see the light of day, and I can give back through my success to individuals who matter/mattered/make a difference on a daily basis.

Thank you, for hearing me, Lord.

Mantra: -=[Regardless of the hardships] I [still remain in the eyes of the angels]


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