Monday, May 30, 2011

Poetic IN-Justice~`!

I hope and pray
When I pass away
I won't be led astray
And as I decay
And return to Clay

That ultimately
I will be blessed in Judgement day
And I look up to the scale
A heavy-weight that lay
Good deeds proceed in threads like Tweed
knowing I gave away
my love for cars, women
life in speed
as well as chronic tokes of weed

And ask my arch Angels PLEASE
send me to hell temporarily to cleanse my seeds
of intention, giving my children a safe haven and a pension
for all the tension (I experienced) giving nourishing retention

And as the thin line
I cross give me suspension
at lightening fast detention
bless me lord with light

AND KINDLY let me burn off excess karma
from the flesh to my palm I
confess that I've hurt/tortured/& confused
generous spirits
Just to get my way
to remain on top of the food chain

BUT my final request
is give me a tree
to dwell in its shade, eat off the spades, and bleed off its blades

BUT whatever happens
I desire deeply with a burning fire
to simply retire
in a Heaven of my own
a chair with my throne
where of wounds I'm not prone
and poetics condone me a loan to entertain my bones

And I choose then only to allow visitations to my newfound home
those that gave me a house and a spouse
that is (BO.HA.AS.SS.HAt.YrS) and that is all
that I ask
Oh Creator/Greatful/Charitable/Strong/Merciful/Vengeful
Completor of my innate.

[Don't send me back incarnated into another Lyfe-T.I.M.E.]

Sincerely yours, Eternally greatful.

Habeeby Allah.
Mr. 7usam aka HaSaNoon.

<~!={#@May.I.Re-birth, 31xtimes-over.....\"%[Haithrams`1.

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