Monday, May 30, 2011


O.F.F.E.N.D.U.M.: "Lyrics:

Look Up In The Sky - Its A Bird - Its A Plane

Its An Arab Superhero & He Came to Bring Change

Unite The Divided & Free 'Em From The Chains

Of The Tyrants Who Reign in Vain & Pain


Look Up In The Sky - Its A Bird - Its A Plane

Its An Arab Superhero - Yeah I know It Sounds Strange

But The Only Thing Keeping Us From Going Insane...

Is Knowing He'll Be Back Again (InshAllah)"


I am loving this man, his flow, the message, his lyrics, and critical thought in poetic structure.
I overheard one of his songs in collaboration with one that I am an avid fan of (the Narcicyst)...
and to be honest, FINALLY some Arabs are creative/productive/educated/relevant and hip enough to
spread a message that Youth can enjoy!

I am definately one to add this CD to my collection.
I had ordered it and am waiting for the delivery to my door: Omar Offendum (did he offend them with the truth, baba?!)
The album is the first debut [aside from mixtapes]: label Cosher Ink, LLC.


This album is an arab's voice and a gift to Hip-Hop as a culture to show how diverse it can be and how encompassing
of various populations and demographics of all struggles and walks of life the art form has grown to become.

Music is not Haram. Message is of truth. Use of vocals in melody can help an argument stick to the brain.
Then we as young Kids can have constructive discussions as to... yadi yadi yada

Shhhhhhhhh... be Quiet... T.I.M.E. to listen.

Salamun-3alaikum ---> 3iiiish 3umrak ya 7abib Galbi.
Mr. 7usam aka HaSaNoon productions, Ltd.


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