Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I gave 'her' an ultimatum.

Either she wants a Long-Term R.E.A.L. relationship (with all the ups & downs, pains and gains).

Maybe she is REAL enough to read and see the genuine love.
-She amazed me though
.she is a fighter
.she is a passionate lover [almost obsessively]
.she is spiritual
.she is somewhat of an enigma (can't really figure her out --> gotta keep digging)
.she is evolving (with her style [dressing], words [blogging])
.she is consistent with her rhythm (waking up at dawn to pray and get work done)

Dear Lord:
Help me figure out where the feet are heading. What is ordained? I know what is written. I thoroughly know who I am.
I love myself enough to heal my own wounds, without attaching to someone.
I can suck energy, reciprocate it, but maybe I did wrong. All I know is I always give it back.


Go find 'him friend. He is waiting for you. If he still doesn't see you for the individual (complete) that you are.
Then it is his loss.

I just have to place my peace that _ I cannot be substitute
_ I cannot be temporary
_ I have no strength to be crutch no more

I love me, too you know!! Sheesh.

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