Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Physician Description.

Back to regular sh*t!

That is -depression with brief moments of mania.

Solid lifeless affect (facial expression).

And work, work work, work work work!!!

-[Message to the people out there

Husam's tender heart has been fucked with far too many times.
Scabs, wounds, and blood
If I'm still alive that means I AM STRONG!!

My theory [yet to be debunked]

"Beauty comes from Scars!!"

I am too beautiful, to be TOUCHED, by ppl who think
THEY KNOW what God is about.

I am slave of God.
God instilled me and inscribed me to FAMILY.
My blood is for life.
So if u want to shed it and make me bleed


I mean straight up gangster 12 shots/ non-stop stabs in the same spot!

Don't pussy out in the middle u lil B**CH!

-PS. The kid has been wounded, medicated, enslaved, confined
SO many times.

He has flawless control of the image that ppl see...

Good morning May 3... I am FREE.

Maybe I was never meant to marry (I GUESS IT WAS PRE-ORDAINED... eh FRIEND!!!).

Though I been longing for it since age 12..!!


OOOPs!!! *blinks twice

-{Recess is over Children!! Back to SH*T on a regular basis}.


(8) Ima make a song out of them.

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