Thursday, June 9, 2011

From-a Kilo to-a 100 Grams. [LESS is MORE].

True Value of Friend-ship.

Imagine this, you are with a person, on the opposite side of the table, having Starfucks coffee, and conversing. The thought then runs through your head. {We've been friends for a while ---> this person claims they care about me to the fullest, but is He/She a companion, friend, best friend, or acquaintance?! } Hmmmm...

Let's ponder that in this lesson-of-the-day.


There are two types of friends, simply put, believe it or not. One is a friend who will love you to death, say they will be there regardless, and show an image of them supporting you until death do you part.

The harsh reality is, that one come a moment of life & death, and choice of them saving their behind out-of-fear, rather than them taking the bullet out-of-love, this person will most likely choose self-defence out of concern of consequence based on them choosing you over their own behind. Understand: The fork in the path will always arise (delayed 10 years, or sooner 47 weeks) and the choice will show true colours. Be thankful when the time for them to part comes, and be grateful that you got to know an individual of their calibre and then let them go, regardless of your own fear by attachment and your own primal concern for personal vitality to come again (after it's been missing for so long).


The second type is one who is unclear. One day they love you, another time they tease and punish you for stupid petty things. They seem to interchange power by taking it and giving it to you when needed. Somehow by illusion, the past and 90% of people will advise you to avoid this type; claiming this person only loves themselves and are the type who are dirty/bad/criminal minded and classified as a group to avoid.

This friend, to a more self-composed person, actually is entertaining. For they never let you know what's the full picture in their mind is, and somehow speak of things harmful (to you), keep you on guard, and stress you out with their antics. Understand: This type of friend speaks truth with their movement and body language, because in the short-run they seem deceiving but in the long-run show consistency by behaviour. They take power only to give it back, and flex your defense mechanisms only to make you stronger. Value that "realistic" friend, over a "delusion" of a loving and caring person who will sell your stock for their own ticket to safety in an instant's decision.


Keep in mind, you should never be caught up with the concept of "best"-friend, once you're past your childhood dreamy days. The reality is, and always, opportunities in this cosmic universe are in-fact infinite (thus don't limit yourself by gluing to one person by calling them the BEST), and by the laws of the physical/metaphysical/divine-earthly/& universal: NOTHING is ABSOLUTE.

By claiming a friend is Best, you are projecting an unrealistic view that they are an archetype of what you look for in a person. You are chaining them down as though their existence is half-your support in this lifetime, when your own being is half, and the divine unknown (continuously to be discovered -through effort&release-) is the other half.

Teach yourself self-sufficiency, for a moment's advice remember that God's love is The Abundant/Infinite and Your Existence in this moment is the only Absolute. Fully-joy living one breath-at-a-time and remember to sample, hold, maneuver, reach, give-thanks, balance&seal, then release __ only to try again differently with endless possibilities @another location and T.I.M.E.

Many Blessings,

Mr. Husam Taher Ibrahim.


Shubber, H. (2009). Book of Integral Understanding (Vol. 2, 1st Ed., pp. 12-43). New York: FluidHouse Publishings.

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