Saturday, June 11, 2011


Thank you Allah or Lord or God or Almighty or Jesus...

For the balance, stability, and divine order in timing of a masterplan in what you designed for homosapiens, aliens, animals, mammals, fish, herbivores, carnivores, insects, planets, stars, blackholes, and plantation... as a UnI-Verse.

Here is 'my' realization: with no darkness (in your soul the hole that is darker than a mole)

we will not have power to appreciate and understand light.

There for, why believe in your creator in the image of light/dark & black/white.
The reality is the imagery around in daily experiences (in the thoroughness it all encompasses) there is a multi-coloured SpeCtruM...


Appreciate, take the pain/cry then alleviate, receive love/hate to reciprocate, then once you re-LEARN to participate, you can celebrate an elevation in the mental state... and then collaborate creatively for new generations to birth ideas to cultivate & then re-iterate __KnoW-ledge.


Peace, blessings/love, & light.

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