Sunday, June 12, 2011

End of Season.

So, you can't hate on LeBron and the Heat. The fact is, in one season they had a star team with a tri-logy hat-trick team a.k.a James/Bosh/Wade.
They made it to the top!!! Don't hate because they didn't meet "popular" expectation of certain victory. SON!!! It is a live game, and the ball dribbles, gets dunked, shot, and passed. There are slips and imperfections. But it is the flow and momentum of the team that makes it all seem so Flaw-less.

Bottom line is!! He is still young, and with the Heat, he has many years to come. He had a loss, after consecutive victories. Stop comparing him and putting him on a pedastol of previous champions (meaning Michael Jordan). He is his own man. His own player, doing his own thing.
This is like comparing 50 Cent to 2pac.
HOMIE, a wise person said and will say it again: "Do not dress me in borrowed robes! Let me walk my own shoes in my own light, not in the shadow of another."

Congratulations Miami Heat. YOU ARE the REAL champions.
NBA season '11, Done! Now it is time to rest, kick back, and take a vacation.
But for the real players out there: After the rest, comes more ____>> PRACTICE.

Do it to perfection. We love you LeBron! Wade you did your thing!
Oh, and you guys stole Bosh from our Toronto. Now clearly the Raptors have no future.
*Pffffuh... [Just playing].


I found a flawless way to keep in the know. Tweet the real people doing entertainment news and making movements in the world.

Research facebook by googling peoples name.

Check out what people listen to via: HipHop DX and Global Grind.

Instead of partaking in Social Media Bullshit (mind my language)... WRITE in a Notepad.

Record in spare time. Post on Soundcloud. Build up real momentum through people who live and run the Street. Volunteer, work, and partake in public events (not private stupid loser parties).

Don't ever BBM. No need for internet everywhere, thus iPhone can wait.

Ummm... text like a normal person, and use a simple telephone.

Remember your bus tickets, and look for maps and schedules.

Yeah, man! KISS ---> (K)eep (I)t (S)imple (S)tupid

And NIGGA ---> (N)ever (I)gnorant about (G)etting (G)oals (A)chieved

Oh and evade un-motivated, excessive-talking, dependant people, who work overtime in their gossip, and do less exercise plus suck energy, and are narcissistic by nurture, and don't stand up for the kid being bullied, who lack need for positive role-models, and love shopping on Mama's money, and driving Baba's car like its theirs.

Something along these lines.

Inspire. Be inspired, and write in the calender, set-personal goals and wants with a proper date, challenge your own self, destroy your own ego just to rebuild confidence, and be loyal to good people, plus adjust your image according to need without compromising your style.

Period. (Not PMS Mood disorder). Class is Done, for the season!

WELL-come, Summer-T.I.M.E.

God Bless the Grind and the Grinders (not for Marijuana, I mean individuals).

Day #7. Back @ Sq.1

Let's Do this!!!


Mr. 7usam. URG. Brabus Benz. Third Lenz. Missing Elements. Recording TIMEs.

In the Street 2 Beat Tha Heat.

Miami is HOT!!! (iHear).

[Sweet Dream, or a Beautiful Nightmare} Either way, its time/ to wake up and GRIND!!!

>>June 13__ July 27, 2011. <<@{{7.`1; RECA Engineer.


Look out 4:

Bad Meets Evil - Eminem & Royce Da 5'9.

Out June 14, 2011.

Summer is ONN, man!

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