Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Key to Less Fearfull-ness {{IN-verted @=>-...`1.

Interesting excerpt from a book about life, death, facing your fears and breeding a newfound method to strengthen and empower self.


The idea is to face your mortality, and visualize different (possibly terrifying) scenarios of your death. Then fully engulfing oneself in the vision, soaking in its terror, immersing in the feeling, and then practicing self-talk and movement to tunnel through regardless of the temporary paralysis creating by such a (creeping & inevitable) thought.

So here is the quotation, as to how to covert a primal fear to a mastered feeling that will create joy (by goal setting & then achieving) out of short, momentary and mundane experiences (that might be boring, and frustrating for others).

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"As Seneca [the Younger of the Roman Empire in 62 A.D.] understood, to free yourself from fear you must work backwards. You start with the thought of your mortality. You accept and embrace this reality. You think ahead to the inevitable moment of your death and determine to face it as bravely as possible. The more you contemplate your mortality, the less you fear it -it becomes a fact you no longer have to repress.

By following this path, you know how to die well, and so you can now begin to teach yourself to live well. You will not cling to things unnecessarily. You will be strong and self-reliant, unafraid to be alone. You will have a certain light-ness that comes with knowing what matters -you can laugh at what others take so seriously.

The pleasures of the moment are heightened because you know their impermanence and you make the most of them. And when your time to die comes, as it will some day, you will not cringe and cry for more time, because you have lived well with no regrets."
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Greene, R., Jackson, C. (2009). Confront Your Mortality- the Sublime, The 50th Law (pp. 277-278) [<@>] New York: HarperCollins Publishers.

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