Saturday, June 18, 2011

Done Spellchecking.

Maybe I should write a Book, by the age 34.

Probably about real life experience. Meaningful and heart-felt.
That ought to touch some people and incite knowledgeable discussions.

I have been blessed with cognitive synthesis, quick witted-ness, sharp vocabulary, and bi-bilingualism, plus have an obsessive admiration of lyricism and need of descriptive writing.

After the book being published ( and me accumulating 94,234 in the bank ), I should have an independent publishing house, and do stories of walks of life and struggle with dis-ease and over coming adversities against all odds.

Maybe then children's books!
That will take me a busy and healthy route into secure and wealthy retirement.

Insha Allah, with the Will of 7usam.
Yella, man!

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