Sunday, June 12, 2011

Register me Trademark~1`*.

Inny Uhibbo, Allah-who?!


Milton Rocks Festival was a Success@#!!

People were happy, regulars got off their heels and kicked it to rhythm, drank ate and constructively talked. I worked volunteer. Food for VIP's, then security for Entrance. Thoroughly enjoyed the Walkie talkie.

Someone asked: How do 'you' do this Mr. Public Persona? To that I say: Lemme break it down for you REAL reel slow.

I am DII: Dissociative Identity (In)order.

I switch person accordingly to need. With that comes energy balance. I do it through Yoga, and random exercise to promote Muscle Confusion. Build up the upper body, and do cardiovascular through jogging, bicycle-ing, b-asket-ball, Socca, and the rest to rest. And drink lots of fluids.

The backdrop to this is PANIC!! => Due to excessive over-analysis.

I heal that with rhythm&message, coherently said/creatively written/artistically & respectfully spoken [with adequate timing] and then shared.


The solution to Panic Attacks. {My own syrum-o-theorum}

UN-Anxiety Attack.

Un:do the thought process that leads to axiety and target the trigger.

Attack:it through immediate pulses of strong (from the Belly) breaths.

Then release: watch it dissiminate after a brief-yet-momentarily (internal_eternal) wash-away effect and embrace the newfound Relief and let it Decay, organically naturally botanically.



Salam`1...>>.CHCH Rosary.Camera.Brewed.~Canadien.

[Get it?! Practice daily- inshallah u'll c "it" 2 too].

PS. Alyssa Ried is Mad Cool. Fefe Dobson is for Real. Mr. Toronto Emcee Maestro Fresh Wes did a guest appearance, and backstage gave me FIRM handshake. 2 songs to perform plus proper Rep to the whole GTA was nuff said!!

Brothers live forever.

Maestro said: Son, Stick to Your Vision!! Keep the Composition!! Eh, Blessed Man Mr. Tooq wearing Hussla???



Love the Vibes, Habeeb!


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